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Sunday, April 22, 2012

women are encouraged to glance at the world begin a career

 Since the era of our mothers, women are encouraged to glance at the world begin a career. Reportedly the hell, a housewife alone will make a woman trapped in boredom and more unhappy. If the thought further, there is something in it because women are jealous of her husband's life that has many relations.Work outside the home did make one's own community and rich experience. Women who tend to like to socialize, would be very happy if you could have lots of friends and achievements in their work world. Therefore, for many years, many women choose to work even though the husband salary is actually sufficient.Looks like things are happy, but new research suggests today's housewives were as happy with her career. Government of the United Kingdom conducted a study to see the happiness of women. The results of this study will be used as a basis for government policy.From these studies, it is evident that the housewife also has a women's life satisfaction as a career achievement and complete the challenges of his career. The participants were asked to answer four questions, namely how satisfied they are with their lives, the parameters of what makes them feel useful life, as happy as what they were in the past and how worried they will be what happens in the future.Women who choose to stay home to care for the family and the house appeared to have the happiness score as high as the women who work. The results of this study refute the suggestion and the trend of working women who began digging for several decades. Although providing additional income and improve the achievements of women, making a family work is not neglected in certain cases and it was a cause other problems. This study proves that the outside world of career a woman can still be as happy, even if family income is only loosely based on one person. So, if you could choose, do not hesitate to become a housewife.

sources: (VEM / miw)

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