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Thursday, April 19, 2012

color and size Lingerie For Big Plus

Memilih Lingerie Untuk si Ukuran Big Plus

Many women believe that lingerie is sexy just for the slim only. However, it's all not true! Lots of sexy lingerie for women who have a body size "plus". Want to know what??

A. Choose a size that is just right with the body. It is not easy to choose lingerie with big size, but make sure you get it. Be careful in buying underwear that is too small, because it makes the body look weird and the results you will just feel uncomfortable. Buying lingerie that is too large is also wrong because it causes the body to appear larger. So, to be really fit!

2. You have to really know what kind of underwear that can be purchased. Do not forget to pay attention to the lingerie materials.

3. Do not get taken in the employee's instigation in a clothing store. Buy lingerie that is just right with you. Choose clothing in a comfortable and conform to the body.

4. Choose lingerie that makes the posture more slender. Make sure you buy the clothes in which to hide flaws and highlight your favorite body part.

5. If buying underwear for everyday comfort and practicality priority. Do not choose a model that is too complicated.

Happy hunting lingerie!
Lingerie Color For Spring / Summer 2012


In addition to the colors for clothes, you are certainly waiting for what colors are hot for lingerie and swimwear. For the season spring / summer 2012, you can play many colors, ranging from pastel colors are soft, the colors of the soil to warm.

There are three categories you can choose to play the colors in the collection of lingerie or a bathing suit you:

A. pastel


These colors tend to be soft and feminine impression. Pastel blue, pastel green, pastel yellow and pastel pink-orange is the color that you can choose. If you do not want to seem pale, you can choose pastel lingerie made ​​of silk.

2. Soil color


These colors tend to be warm, ranging from brown to orange-red brick. Highlight color is suitable for your exotic skin tones more natural. Especially for the lingerie, the addition of lace will make you look sexy and hot.

3. Clear Color Flowers

Not a lot of red color that will adorn the year 2012. If you want to appear more daring play of colors, you can choose natural colors, imagine a flower garden with soft colors. Dark purple to lilac, soft green and canary yellow to choose from. (VEM / WSW

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