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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Want to look slim body without having a strict diet

Choosing a dress suit body shape can help you have a perfect appearance

Want to look slim body without having a strict diet? then just try to improve the way your body look slimmer and look more beautiful. One of which must be considered when dressing for your body look slim fitness clothing is used by the body shape you have."Appearing perfect does not mean to follow the whole development of fashion, especially with expensive items. Would be better if you look appropriate with body shape," said Maria Herijanti, Group Head Manager of Centro, the diet product launch event in Jakarta some time ago .Before choosing a dress, then there are some things you should consider, among other body shape, color matching, age, and your style. Usually, you have advanced to choose clothes by color, age and personal style, but unfortunately this often overlooked form of the body thus making the body look fuller and fatter. Basically the human body, especially women were divided into six major sections. To get a dress that fits your body shape, then there is a note of the following:A. PearsThis body shape is the shape of the body known as the pear. On the shape of this body, the hips, thighs, and buttocks is the biggest part of the body. This body shape is owned by Hollywood actress like Beyonce, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Shakira and JLo.Fashion Tip: To get a good solid match, it should be the bottom of a larger must be balanced with the upper body. Balance the bottom of the huge clothing or clothing with a boss who is quite "busy" and more brightly colored. This method can create distracting on the upper body is slim and not at the bottom.Use the tops with a big collar, sleeves and having a certain major, or with the addition of lace or drapes. Tops with detail on the shoulder or arm, or a horizontal line pattern can also help balance the body. Basic model with cut skirt and pants are slim and free of the various details are a fitting choice.Avoid: In order for the buttocks do not look too big so avoid pants with tube models, pencil, or Fishtail skirt. Avoid pants or skirts are also models that are too tight because it could reinforce the shape of the buttocks.2. Inverted triangle.This body shape is an inverted triangle body shape is similar. Characteristics, shoulders wider than the waist, so that the shoulder is stronger and looks like a great athlete. This body could hardly have curves.The best clothes: The body shape is similar to the masculine body as wider shoulders and large, so as to disguise the use of this form with the tops cut clean without detailed models especially in the shoulder.Use the tops with soft colors to eliminate the concern of this shoulder line. Balance your body shape is by playing on the subordinates. Use a variety of subordinate models A-line skirt or pants with an additional volume of drapes or folds can make the waist look bigger. To consider use of a pair of trousers with a model of regular cut, boot cut or semi underneath rather large.Avoid: Avoid too-tight pants, pencil pants, and also with the smaller end.3. Rectangle.This body shape among other characteristics, the breasts and hips have the same size, have no obvious waist line, do not have curves. Artists who have this body shape, among others, Cameron Diaz, Nichole Kidman, Hillary Duff, and Melanie C.Best Clothing: A long coat with structured geometric detail combined with a belt can make you look more curvy and sexy. If you have a small breast size, it can be tricked by using a high-necked top. The key is to use clothing that can frame the structure of the body with clothing firm. Choose clothing that is simple and not too crowded.Avoid: Avoid too much use of clothing or accessories with lively detail is too much in a blend of fashion.4. Hourglass.The characteristics of this body shape among other measures between shoulders and waist line are the same. In addition, the shape of the body is also marked by the full shape of the breast, the waist line or sharp curves, buttocks, thighs and hips are full. Artists who have this body shape, among others, Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Aniston, and Kate Winslet.Fashion Tip: Use the tops with an open neck and flat because it can help highlight the beautiful shoulders. Pants boot cut, flare, and wide-legged pants can help reduce a little the bottom of a large volume. Use a pencil pants or A-line skirt can make more feminine look and accentuates the beautiful feet. Belts can also be used to help accentuate curves.Avoid: Avoid clothing that is straight (straight) because it can cover the curves. Avoid models that are too big jacket because it can make the breasts bigger.5. Apple.This body shape is also called apple body shape, because it enlarges the waist section.Fashion Tip: Use clothing with a model of empire dress (shirt with shoulder strap) and the superior balance of the term can help tubuh.Gunakan clothing that can help shape your curves. Or use an additional belt to shape it. If relatively thin then you should use a simple fashion on the upper with a low neckline and accentuate the neck. But the key to forming the body portion of the ideal is to form the curve of her waist. For the thin canal should use a minimalist fashion, to make it look slim and curved body.The best clothes for body model is to use Jakker, blazer or coat structured with a neck V-neck. While skirts are best used is a skirt that is not too long, and boasts a sleek bit of the calf.Avoid: Avoid using too much detail at the waist, like the beads, sequins or thin belt because of its size can make a clear comparison with the wide waist so that a wider waist. Use a belt that is large enough, or being.6. Great body.This body shape can be categorized as a form of body, especially in the abdomen and without a clear curves. So you should focus your attention to choose clothes that can make you look tall, and slim.Fashion Tip: Use a variety of clothing that curvy at the waist, and not too loose or tight. To produce the illusion of a higher body should use clothes with vertical stripes motif. Use cut skirt with regular models, and low rise pants with no detail.Avoid: Avoid using too much detail on the dress, because it will make the body look bigger. Also, avoid also the use of clothing that is too long or because subordinates can make the waist line is missing and the body appear shorter.

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