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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Michael Jackson's legendary king of pop world


Michael Jackson's legendary king of pop world came to life in the world hologram, is resurrection from the dead can come back successfully.

After Rapper 'Tupac Shakur' success with a concert that turned him in concert back in Cachhella 3D Hologram, Los Angeles, United States. Now turn to Michael Jackson is going to do.

On Television E!, Jackie Jackson, brother of Michael Jackson said, "could be the next Michael, is not this great fun? No problem, we have had the idea two years prior to Michael's concert at the Cirque du Soleil. "

This is not part of the Jackson brothers plan, "Summer Unity Tour will end at the Apollo on 28 June 2012 mendatanng," added the sister of the King of Pop.

Visual effects company has helped Tupac for the festival in Southern California who has made Tupac is alive again and the fans can enjoy typical music Tupac. Hopefully, later King of Pop Michael Jackson could live again, although only a 3D hologram, but
it surely can cure homesickness fans, "We all love Michael Jackson." But what difference the same movie from a DVD?

source : Cirque du Soleil, the hologram

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