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Sunday, April 22, 2012

the standard bra that has a shoulder strap

 The most comfortable bra is used by the majority of women are the standard bra that has a shoulder strap for support. But sometimes, the bra can not be used because the clothes would look bad if the bra straps showing, for example when wearing a strapless dress.For similar clothing strapless dress, wear a bra that fits is a strapless bra. One of the obstacles often encountered when using this type of bra is a bra that is often slipped or shifted from its proper place, so it can not properly support the breasts. Some of these tips you can try:A. Buy a strapless bra that fits to your body, the clothes you wear will look good if you wear a bra that fits. Choose a strapless bra one number above the number you normally wear a bra, because some strapless bras are usually made more stringent than regular bras, making the chest becomes congested. The size of an ill-fitting strapless bra can make it easier to shift when used.2. Choose a strapless bra with good quality. High prices do not always indicate good quality. Check the ingredients strapless bra, is quite elastic and comfortable. Ask for references from your friends to get a strapless bra with good quality.3. Check also the cup strapless bra, whether in it there is enough gel or foam that comfortably support your breasts. Also check the bra line, whether it is appropriate to your body shape.4. The best strapless bra has a length to the torso, not only on the chest. You can choose a strapless bra merrywidows models, long-line bras or bustier. In addition to forming the body, strapless bra longer replacement shoulder strap has a function, to support the breasts perfectly.5. Want more secure? Double-side adhesive wear special clothing between skin and strapless bra. This trick can make a strapless bra remain attached to the skin and will not shift, so you are more secure than a saggy bra incident.

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