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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Crab species are much-loved marine animals

Crabs are one of the much-loved marine animals because it is savory and delicious. Crabs are usually purchased in a state of life, in order to maintain freshness. But many people are reluctant to buy cooked crab for themselves because they do not know how to clean it. It also requires a special trick to cooking it.
If at times you want to try cooking it yourself, you should consider this:
A. Make sure the crab claw in a state of strongly bound. Then, turn around and look for crabs is a triangular section at the bottom of his body. Puncture and split the triangle is so dead crabs. In it there is usually a sand and other debris that might make you poisoned.
2. If you are still afraid to turn off this crab, prepare a container of water and ice cubes, then put the crab into it until the crab is not moving. Then wash as usual.
3. Clean the inside of the colon in the form of crabs such as the black string that connects the stomach to the navel crab. Remove the hexagon is also a board or a heart crab.
4. Halve the shells of crabs and brush until clean. Ready cooked crabs.
Want to feel pepes crab, shredded crab, fried crab and crab sauce comes to a variety of flavors Dandito Restaurants in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, which creates a variety of flavors crab innovation.
The menu is the crab flavor sauce flagship dandito. Taste sauce and thick red is intentionally created from the results of experiments owner, Rudy Setiawan who have tried over the years a variety of cooking ingredients before starting to open his restaurant. Dandito name is taken from the name of the second male owner Rudy Setiawan.
Dandito the crab sauce seasoning mix of red round the red ginger, red tomatoes, red onion, brown sugar, and red pepper. The result is a sense of the ingredients that it fits on the tongue taste sour mix, sweet and spicy.
The liquid is slightly thickened sauce marinade of red and orange mixed pleasures seemed to flow in the tongue, very fitting in eating with bread mantow a small round shape. Presented a special bread to eat crab sauce dandito friends.
Marinade sauce per serving size of about one quart of gravy sauce, so you can imagine how much that must be cooked to spice marinade sauce can be about one drum every day the amount of stock for seasoning saosnya.
Other menu of crab is crab oyster sauce, sweet and sour, black pepper, butter fried, boiled cook team, fried garlic crab and asparagus soup.
Black pepper sauce, black and viscous as well as many visitors preferred because of the spiciness of black pepper is very pungent tongue for culinary connoisseurs who like spicy. Make visitors hooked to continue watering crab with black pepper sauce.
For visitors who do not like to eat crabs there is a menu of shrimp, fish, squid, beef, chicken fried or grilled, and a variety of sauces. For vegetables there is choice cah kale, collards cah, cah sprouts and cap cay.
Restaurant operating Dandito been ten years in Marsma Iwahyudi Road, Mount Offering, Balikpapan also have received a delivery order in all regions of Jakarta and Surabaya. Dandito working with Yanny Libels, one of the singers Trio Libels personnel for marketing Jakarta.
Sepinggan Airport, Balikpapan is also available a special counter measure a pound of crab packing a variety of flavors so that the passenger plane from Balikpapan live crab buy souvenirs at the airport Dandito only and do not necessarily have to come to his restaurant.
Price per serving a variety of flavors depending on the type of crab crab selected. Crab eggs one serving of Rp 117.000, Rp 100,000 male crabs, and soft-shelled crabs Rp 100,000. The most expensive crab pepes only Rp 16,500 a pack. Shredded crab Rp 20,000 per well of plastic packaging.
Price portion of the crab to the size of one kilogram can contain two or three depending on the size of the crab. The crab here is somewhat unique because of the size of the body and legs (claws) are not proportional. Claws size larger than his body but full of meat.
Special soft-shelled crabs are soft leather shell can be eaten immediately. Fried soft-shelled crabs taste almost like crispy fried chicken skin because its shell almost does not feel his skin when eaten. There was Kriuk-fitting Kriuk and tasty food.
Nearly all the officials and artists visited the capital of Balikpapan when most crabs enjoy Dandito. In the wall restaurant with lots of photos of famous artists and officials.
To neutralize the cholesterol from the crabs, there is brown sugar coconut water drinks that had been made for the guests drink menu. It was fresh and sweet sugar arennya very fit to drink after eating crab.
Culinary options include seafood in New York City Restaurant Walnuts, Tambora Restaurant, and Restaurant with a menu Torani bass without a thorn. (Asita DK Suryanto, asita@djojokoesoemo.com)
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