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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cultural heritage of Indonesia Kebaya Fashion

Approaching on 21 April, some of us are preoccupied with having to wear kebaya. The national dress is identical with Kartini Day celebration, of course, as the portraits of the Emancipation of Women Heroes always wear kebaya. During the life of Kartini, kebaya to be one type of clothing worn by the Natives, especially families who have a high social standing. Over time shift, all the women in Indonesia can wear kebaya with a variety of models, even more so after kebaya designated as National Dress.

Kebaya is identical to the figure of Kartini, kebaya has become the National Clothing that makes a lot of women wear them proudly. But you know, there are still many Indonesian cultural heritage in the fields of fashion, especially in the form of clothing. If the traditional clothes are often remembered as a special outfit that can only be used on a custom event or a specific event, scratches creativity of designer traditional outfits Indonesia Indonesia to be more fresh, modern, chic and most importantly .. can be used for a relaxed atmosphere.

Let's get acquainted with some of the traditional clothing (other than kebaya) who has got the magic touch of the designer.

Ballerina on Batik

Foto dok. Vemale
We know the ballerina who look pretty and feminine when wearing a tutu (ballerina outfit), the European culture that we enjoy with a touch of the unique batik. Goddess Syifa launched his collection with the theme of the ballet Swan Lake combines elements of two different cultures in the various types of batik pieces are romantic, elegant and can be used by young people without parents as is often the impression attached to batik. Typical batik and scratches typical fluffy ballerina skirt you can wear for casual or semi formal event.

More collections

romance of Bali
Foto dok. Vemale
Island of the Gods not only bring culture known throughout the world, Bali is a huge potential saving in a typical traditional clothes. Ferry Sunarto see the beauty and uniqueness that the scratches are more modern and romantic. Balinese songket with textures, colors and patterns that are typical of the material presented by the addition of pearls and crystals. The use of silk, cotton, lace and other lightweight materials make this collection brings a fresh new look without removing the unique touch of the island. Suitable for use in semi-formal event.

Natural beauty of Flores
Foto dok. Vemale
The island of Nusa Tenggara Timur an amazing store of natural wealth. Moreover, there is a legacy in the field of fashion that has not been ogled by our designers. Moses Widyatmojo capture the potential of the citizens and culture Flores in a charming collection. Classy blend can be seen from the selection of textures and colors of materials, while modern elements can be seen from simple pieces of knee-length dress with a subordinate fluffy, textured fabric vest with lace combined Flores typical skrit and various accessories that take the natural elements of Flores in the form of flowers and beads .

Rhapsody in Kutai
Foto. dok Vemale
If given the Borneo, the type of traditional cloth that we will remember is the fabric that has a line of different color motif. Uniquely, upbeat, as well as highlight a strong cultural element. If many people find it difficult to combine full-color fabric, it is not so for Ian Adrian. Designer is to design a collection with a touch of typical fabric Kutai a colorful cheerful with the dominant colors of gold. Ulap Doyo typical Borneo combined with silk chiffon and organdy.

When the Java Sumatra Combined
Foto dok. Vemale
How come the cultural elements combined with a culture of Sumatra Java? Leide Suwandie prove that the integration of two legacy in the form of a touch of clothing can be a collection of luxurious, modern, and still refers to the traditional elements. Cloths of Sumatra is famous for its lustrous color combined with distinctive colors of the fabrics in a simple Java brown, red and green. Two elements that can display the personality of an Indonesian woman as a highly modern, confident, independent, but still able to maintain the cultural wisdom Indonesia.

And many more cultural heritage that awaits creative hands to scratch modern fashion, making clothes or traditional cloth is not only a dress worn only once a year or even a lifetime


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