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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Do not interfere with the Women

Women would always want to share center stage undecided or uncertain restless. Usually people are  to tell her lover. However, you'll want to know what things are better not interfere. This will involve the following, as quoted by Madame Noire:A. Argument with familyWhen your lover is having an argument with a family, both parents and brothers, do not ever do a 'mission' to come to reconcile them. Do not encourage him to make up if he does not want or even make 'scripts speech' apology for him, let alone invited to meet family members who disagree with him. During the couple still treat you well (not to disturb the relationship) should not interfere and let him have that resolve the problem. There may be a time where he wanted to vent about the problem. Be a good listener and offer a solution only if he requests it.2. Problems in the OfficeYou know that the lover is trying hard to figure out how to get a promotion or a big project that is very profitable. Consider the development of stealth and not to him with the words "should be like this", "do so" or "this way you'll succeed".Did you mean well by providing motivation, but if done continuously will make it feel when you see it as a failure and lack of ambition. Give advice if he asks for it, but do not necessarily ask for a project in constant development. Believe me, he'll tell you when he wants.3. Emotional burdenDo lovers have a lasting emotional scars? Maybe so paranoid about the affair or not like it if he is too controlled? Some people may have the emotional baggage of bad experiences in the past that may be difficult or impossible to get lost. If your partner is aware he has the burden of the past, has become his job to keep it shut. He can not be irrational to raise the issue in his life that was and is plainly said, "I'm sorry if I've been mad, just remember bad memories of a former lover." He should be able to cope with the emotional and the emotions that you should not be a victim of the 'damage' you never do.4. Arguing with FriendsJust like a family quarrel, never get involved in conflicts with friends especially her best friend. You think he would feel if he could not overcome his own personal problems. Plus, he usually has a way far different from the woman to end a fight with his fellow men. So leave them in their own zones.5. Financial MattersUnless you've finished your husband or are planning to gather together to save the cost of the wedding, do not interfere with its financial problems. For instance, he needs a loan large enough to pay the car payment or credit card bills, while the money was gone because he did his own carelessness.Any of your desire to help, should stand alone. Moreover if it takes long enough for him to return it, will only make you annoyed. Worse, if one day you two broke up, it would be awkward and even harder to ask for your money back

source: sky news. com

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