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Friday, April 20, 2012

Economic female stress Cause Suicide

Suicide, a sad phenomenon that more and more happening in Indonesia. Each year, the suicide rate has increased and carried out in various age ranges. You may remember the case of a mother who committed suicide by first giving the poison to their children, the reason he did so, the amount of debt and economic pressures. Pathetic as well as a picture of us all that the level of stress due to economic problems can not be underestimated.Reporting by Newsmax Health, a study conducted in New York City resident since 1990 gives strong evidence that suicide is closely related to the economic downturn. The study, published in the American Journal of Epidemiologymenemukan that the rate of suicide by the citizens of New York increased by 29% in 2006 than in 1992. In fact, 2006 was the year before the recession and economic crisis the United States."The level of stress that arises due to the economic problems can not be underestimated.""The reason behind an individual's decision to end his life is often complicated and difficult to understand, even for families and their friends," said senior investigator Dr. Sandro Galea. "Usually, the decision to end life is a combination of several problems, such as the stress of economic pressure is the reason most often done to commit suicide. Economic pressure can injure a person's self esteem and make limited receipt of assistance, including mental health care,"Suicide statistics collected for New York City Medical Examiner showed that the problem of unemployment, employment, hours worked and the bill collector is also responsible for tax on a person's decision to end his life. The researchers said the findings could be a picture of the mental health service providers to embrace all segments of society. Moreover when the economy in a country experiencing the shock.We know that the phenomenon of suicide due to economic problems are also more frequent in Indonesia, and hopefully there are no similar incidents in line with the rising prices of goods and cost of living, which in turn affects one side of the economy.source:(VEM / yel)

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