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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the sense that our bodies are still healthy if the sweating

Sweat often we interpret as something normal, in the sense that our bodies are still healthy if the sweating, but how to interpret the excessive sweating, excessive sweating is not only interfere with performance but also will result in a disruption of confidence, especially if accompanied by an unpleasant aroma.When we are nervous, angry, scared, and worried we're going to sweat, stress and anxiety stimulate the brain to produce hormones that make us sweat. A total of 6 out of 10 women had problems in the workplace and 75% of the time and energy spent dealing with conflict at work, some of these problems lead to excessive sweating that interfere with performance of up to believe diripun crisis emerged.dr. Hanny Nilasari, SpKK of Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) stated, "Many women are unaware that stress, nervous and emotional forms of any kind can cause a sudden increase your metabolism, so the sweat out who is referred to as emotional sweat. Form other emotions are not only angry or upset, but also laugh and cry. And coupled with excessive perspiration dampness around the folding arm to make an unpleasant smell, which can affect confidence diminished. "In the latest campaign Rexona afternoon talk show "Confidence To Succeed In Career 'which took place in Djakarta Theater Lounge, Thamrin (20/4), Rene comes Suhardono, a Career Coach and Ruth Abraham, psychologist who explained the importance of confidence in the world of work . This requires capital to face the crisis, for example, start with small things, that the show is always fresh without excessive sweating that interferes with self-confidence.The scope of a very complex woman who requires them to undergo all the roles as well as possible, while every time interacting with others, the potential for conflict there. Ruth explains the presence of conflict can also lead to decreased productivity and employee performance, decreased motivation, the fear and the emotional impact. Those things are going to spend a lot of energy and can cause a decline in confidence. On this occasion Ruth offers tips to face the crisis of confidence, that is by always preparing himself in every activity, from the appearance to the preparation of solid work schedule."It's important for women to always believe in yourself every day to support the appearance and achieve a dream career. Do not sweat inhibits career problem. With the active ingredient of anti-perspirant and Deodorizer which serves to reduce sweat and kill bacteria that cause body odor, Rexona Indonesia invites women to always ready to face anything with confidence be maintained, "said Satria at the end of the talk show. (VEM / bee)
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