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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Factor 4 female hard orgasm

 Indeed, many women who have difficulty reaching orgasm. Studies even show that 75 percent of women never reach climax from intercourse alone (without the help of sex toy or other stimulation), and 10-15 percent are not able to orgasm at all. Yet despite this a normal thing, do not think to leave. After all, sex should be satisfactory to both parties, is not it?
To find the base of your disability, try to see the following four factors:
A. Should always feel in control
To get a satisfying lovemaking sessions, you should really let go of the desire to control or curb. People who always want to control myself and emotions will be difficult to achieve orgasm. Therefore, to achieve orgasm you really need to melt and enjoy sex sessions without thinking of other things. Learn to be more loose. No need to regulate the expression of facial gestures of the body (for example, in order to look less inflamed), or sound. Just let the game when you both get you out of breath, or want to enjoy even further. Do anything to suggest that letting go can be a positive experience.
2. Can not relax
Stress due to work load, or sitting in an office all day, also can make us do not realize how tense our muscles. Strained condition of the body that makes it difficult to make yourself relax enough to achieve orgasm. If indeed this happens to you, ask your partner to massage your body first. Calculated for foreplay. Thus, the mind also become more open, and the tense muscles are also relaxed.
3. Feeling self-conscious
When making love, the body will remove the liquids, you will do the positions are not uncommon, and may also voices that you do not usually listen to. If you include people who are basically self-conscious, the nature of sexual intimacy that feels "primitive" can hinder your ability to enjoy this session. For what to focus on things that might make you feel nervous or self conscious? After all, everyone does it, and it felt good.
4. Embarrassed by their own body shape
It is also very common in women. Nah confident with a slightly distended abdomen, thighs are large, or wide hips. When the mind is only focused on disappointment because the body is seen shrinking even though you have to eat rice diet for three months, the opportunity to get the climax is also more narrow. Identify the parts of your body, and learn to love what they are. If the husband does not care about your butt is already down, for example, to what the big deal?
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