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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Financial Planning for Women Single

Have savings alone is not sufficient, to ensure your future spouse and children remain secure and maintained, you need a clear financial planning and planned. This not only takes those who are married, but also by women who are still single.
In a financial talk show that takes place at the Wedding Expo Bidakara 6, Mohammad B. True, Independent Financial Planner from Quantum Magna Financial, single women also need financial planning because there is still much confusion about the future. "Our place is also a lot of clients are single women who need financial planning. Problem is, most single women do not know what he wants in the future and not knowing what it takes and how to achieve their desires. If not planned and not invested, money and time are wasted. if not invested properly, the savings would not be sufficient. annual interest rate, an average of only 3 percent per year. Meanwhile, inflation can be up to 20 percent. That is, not be overtaken in the front. what could be better invested set aside early on. "
"The clients are single women who come to us are usually confused when asked what they want in the future. Usually our first fishing line with what is generally desired by women in the next 5-10 years. It was not until they realized that financial planning It is important, "said True.
The problem is, if the age we do not start planning your finances, the future will be even shorter period of time to collect finances. In essence, taken the precaution of saving and investing to ensure future stay awake, and dreams can come true.
Nowadays, many people are trapped with credit card debt problems, even for single women who want to appear attractive. However, the problem of credit card debt plus interest can be a huge burden. "Women really like shopping. Not surprisingly, much credit card debt. Order not affected by the disease of credit card debt, it should be understood that credit cards are a means to pay, not a debt card. I do not say should not have a credit card. However, also understand conditions behind the credit card. You may only use a credit card, but make sure the face is in a savings account. When payment comes due, fully paid prior to a protracted and interest accumulate, "said True.
Anyone who need financial planning? "Those who have a clear revenue and earnings could be set aside, as if nothing could be set aside, what would be planned? Even if their income eg Rp 10 million a month but it's also spending as much or even more, it will be difficult. What matters already healthy finances, that can be planned. There are several ratios that need to be taken into account when trying to plan finances, including debt ratio, liquidity ratio, and the savings ratio. rest, let the financial planner helps to calculate and prepare financial statements. "

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