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Monday, April 23, 2012

But most of your friends are married at the age of 24 years


Some friends there who are not married. But most of your friends are married at the age of 24 years. When the mirror, there's nothing wrong with your face. Body-too cool, the appearance was nothing less. Personality, a lot of fun to say. Then why do you still own?

Do not ever regret why you still own at this age. Women do not just end up in the kitchen and the household. Woman's right to pursue his dream. And career aspirations are always coveted. Who says women should get married before the age of 30 years.

Each person has their targets. Where did he feel ready and male idol has been found, then that's the right time. Ark knit household is not an easy course. Must be prepared mentally and physically well.

Marriage not only brings together two distinct persons. But more complex than that. Living in the world of marriage must be able to offset each other. Complement each other and feel comfortable with each other.

But if you're not ready. Do not do it! There was no reason for you not ashamed to marry young. There are many dreams that you should pursue. As time passes, you must choose the man who will be the idol of your spouse, your friends at every second of your time.

A woman who has not found his life partner when he was 24 years old is a lucky woman. You are given the opportunity to long to prepare. To achieve all your dreams and your goals. So do not waste time. You must be the best. Just need the patience to wait for the right time. Nice, does not meet the right person, in the right time? You'll find it. That's for sure!

source: Vemale.com

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