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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Especially for young mothers For more fitness

By: World Team Fitness

Being overweight after giving birth is a reasonable fear. Especially for young mothers. Weight gain during pregnancy is a must. Weight gain during pregnancy may occur because the body's nutritional needs increase, so the mother should consume more essential nutrients to meet their nutritional needs and also the baby.

In the period after giving birth, many of you that are difficult to return to its original weight. This problem often makes you stressed out and can cause interference with lactation even other things that can harm your health and the baby.

Lose weight for women after childbirth is actually not difficult to obtain. Provided that, you have a strong determination to re-obtain your ideal body.

In addition to keeping your diet, you also need to do enough exercise to restore your weight to normal. However, you should not exercise excessively in order to breast milk is not sour.

In addition to cardio exercise, there are some other light exercises you can do at home to help you lose weight, among which is the Superman exercise, Crunch, Plank, Leg Raise, and much more.

Well, so you know how to do these exercises correctly, you can see the guide leading the exercise of personal trainer, Ms. Mia Hendra in the video below. Exercise video link

You can also get the right guidance diet postpartum, click here.

With exercise guidelines and proper diet after giving birth, you will immediately return to your dream weight. Good luck. (Df / miw)

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