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Sunday, April 1, 2012

good times at school 1

When I was in high school may be said to belong to one student is much loved by the girls. Handsome face with a cleft chin and a well-built body. Frankly I also frequently have sex with some of my friends at school ceweq it is indeed adopt freesex. Nevertheless I still prefer the really fit with my tastes. No wonder that every weekend there are only invited to watch the phone ring or the party that ended with an intimate relationship.
At that time I also had a girlfriend she is the sister of the class, his name Lusi, Lusi is a pretty girl and sexy in my opinion, Her sweet, innocent, coupled with smooth white skin. His body was a bloody 17-year Dutch is very proportional, slim waist, long hair, the height is 150 cm, but plump. Ass and big tits around 36C sized breasts.
Our introduction begins with a meal at the school canteen ... At that time I ate in the cafeteria and admonished by my brother in my class. I do not know him, I belom know about her at all times with Louise, but Louise had known me ...? I was about that time one of the most stubborn and mischievous in high school, so many who know me but I do not know hahahahaha ... let naughty, I always get great ranking tables 3 ..., call Louise at that time I said "what is it? "I call him this time with an older brother,
"May I sit down with the brother?" She said
"It should be here" I replied and we eat together.
After the incident we were somewhat familiar, but I liked what kepikiran belom not like Louise. Lots of friends of friends who like the same class Lusi, but it was rejected by his ...
On one day, date, day and year I forgot it ... as I recall the time after school, my friend knew her by her name was Louise, Vinna, Poppy and Ratna
17-year-old Ratna He was tall (almost as tall as me. If pake high heels I would lose height). Very sexy body and that most make me irritated is a really big breasts. Some 36 B size bra and white skin, so if her long hair in a bun to the top (original color is red), will reveal the level of his neck, makes me want to stroke his neck and kissed it.
Vinna was 16 years old, shoulder length straight hair, white skin is smooth, which I know from friends that she still had blood Manado. It weighs approximately 50 kg. His body was high enough for her age 172 cm. Matched with a 183 cm tall. His hair was long, black, shiny. Her skin is white, soft, although he liked the sport. His chest is large enough. About 34C
While the 18-year-old Poppy cute person, his skin darker than others (what time ya arab descent) but sweet. Her hair was long, sharp nose and small, thin lips, breasts Poppy roughly the size of 32b (matched for body size was Poppy who plays 165 cm, so it looks sexy).
Since its first introduction by Ratna, Vinna and Poppy, I actually often go for a walk with three of them rather than with Louise.
Because Lusi including children that do not like ngelayap if not no need, one of nature is what makes syaa like him.
If not wrong on Saturday, a week after my introduction to Ratna, when entered into the classroom, I see a piece of paper whose contents turned out of the state Lusi Lusi want to meet with me in the cafeteria, I went to see him when the bell first break in the cafeteria.
Arriving at the canteen I met Louise was sitting alone at the corner table, I approached him and admonished him
"Lusi what is it?"
"Lusi want to talk to Anton" he said.
"About what?" I asked, with a downcast face, he replied
"Ratna Problem ..."
"What about Rachael?", I said
"Yesterday when Ratna play into my house, she told me she love you and love you", I was shocked to hear the words of Louise ... how not surprised, because I had just the same affection and love Louise. And right then I come clean if my affection and love with Louise, not at Ratna his friend, after hearing my words. Lusi terbenggong and quiet even without a word said, I wait for the answer but it seems to not be there, I immediately got up and went back to class with a curious heart.
The next day when he got in school, if not wrong at that time was at 6:30 in the morning and then I was sitting on the edge of the basketball court. Ratna mendekatin me and sat next to me, she told me the same Lusi loves me, I was shocked to hear that, but frankly felt that morning was the most beautiful morning of this lifetime. And since it's official Lusi menjadian my boyfriend, came home from school together and always eat at the canteen were always together.
Initially, we were both going out as usual. Because I'm much more mature than Lusi, so I teach and protect more of Lusi. To the extent that the first time I kissed her lips, she was naive. This happened when we were going out in his backyard that has a page and a fairly extensive gardens. Sunday night, we sat side by side in a chair, put my left hand kepundaknya, she laid her head on my chest. Kuraba gently on the cheek and said, "Lusi ..."
"What is honey?" He replied slowly.
"Tonight you are very beautiful and I miss you ..." I said again. His head was lifted from my shoulders as he looked at me with eyes that sparkled round and glassy. Without realizing it, our faces toward each other and feel our breath a little hunting. I touched his cheeks with the palms of my hands. I kissed his forehead and his reaction, he was silent and when I saw his eyes closed.
"Luz, I love you ..." I whispered before his lips.
"Yes honey?" Whispered he replied.
"I want to kiss your lips .. can ya ...? "I made my voice as gentle as possible and as sure as possible, because he did not react like other girls when I kissed her forehead is usually directly provide their lips. Louise nodded slowly and closed his eyes, waiting to gently kissed her lips are sensual, the reaction was momentary silence.
After a while, his hands around my neck and my arms around his waist. Then without letting go of my lips on her lips, gently picked up his body so he was in my lap. Kukulum soft lips tightly. When kupermainkan, my tongue into her mouth, she was shocked and let go of her lips as she said softly.
"If you kiss on the mouth So go and stick your tongue in ya honey ...?"
"Yes dong say, you try to open it and you stick out your tongue, now, can I kiss you again?" I asked gently. Warp just nodded and kissed again direct my tongue and lips while toying her tongue was her reaction and go around with my tongue as my hand began to grope her back gently, making breathing Lusi hunt amid kisses and embrace our lips together.
In the meantime, my hands started to go down to the milk. He did not react to my hand that was rubbing her milk turned out, plump and really big and chewy. Understandably she was just 17 years. Kecupanku hunt when her breathing getting down to his neck and bit-little bite. Soft moans started out well when my hands get into work I pulled off her shirt after the buttons one by one without realizing it. My hands continued to touch her milk is still wrapped in BH. I feel only half the milk to cover a large and plump and soft, or her bra was too small to accommodate the beautiful hills are plump Lusi. My lips continued to kiss down from the neck into the milk while the guerrillas into the back of my hand finally unhooked her bra. Louise gasped when I felt I had let go of her bra.
"Honey ... jangaaan .." she moaned breathlessly as he looked down toward my face almost buried in between the two major milk and plump. I removed kecupanku at the base of milk, looking at him with a tender but still full of lust. Smiling gently,
"Why dear .. yaa .. you scared? "I asked cautiously.
"Yeah ..." she replied in a trembling voice but the hands still tightly hugging my neck.
"Do not worry dear, I know you never like this, feel and enjoy it slowly." I say again, my hand still stroking his milk-white with tiny nipples pink.
Apparently the movement Lusi jerks, the bra is worn regardless of the plump milk. I kissed her lips softly again. For a moment I realized that this is the first time with a man's natural Lusi like me so I intend to petting him first so as not to be surprised and too pushy. I fear the consequences can be merugikanku yourself to enjoy this Dutch-blooded woman's body. Thus the events which I did and Lusi, which is French kissing or petting since we were going to teach him, both at home and in my house and we certainly do at home we were in a state that allows.
Until one Sunday, I could take her out of the morning at 08:00 until 17:00, with permission from their parents. We both ride motorcycles HarleyDavidsonku swirling around Jakarta. We ate chicken noodle Gajah Mada and ends up in my house who happened to be lonely anymore. My parents were visiting relatives in America, both my brother was busy with the affairs of each and tinggalah Bik Inem maid in the back room. I took the warp directly to my room, separate from the main room is quite far away.
Perhaps because of his overwhelming miss, so go to my room, Louise hugged her tightly and I felt like he was a bit wild. Kiss me by pulling me roughly, so we fell on my bed with the position he is in me. In fact, usually when we both have a chance, kiss her grasp, hold, I think I have taken part and gently and very enjoyable for me and Louise alone really enjoy the game I saw he was petting me. But today I was almost overwhelmed by a barrage of kisses and kisses a woman who felt more passion high. Realizing this, I finally started to give a high response as well. I immediately turned me around, so my position was on it and get even kiss with passion remains soft and i also with small bites his lips, and tongue game at the sensual lips sucking on it.
While my hands move to undress casualnya, as usual Lusi already know that we want petting, she always wear casual clothes with buttons down the front. Sigh, sigh childhood began to be heard simultaneously with kisses and little bites that go down into the large, plump milk it until I managed to lick her nipples are pink turns, left and right. Desahannya intensified so as I suck her nipples are small and hard start with small bites and relish him adorable.
"Aduuuuh ... hooneeeyyy ...!" Moaning as he exert his hand on my head. Meanwhile, my cock began to struggle under my jeans and CDs. I quickly opened the ruistzleting jeansku to Mr. P a liberal to be repaired is located.
I let go of her milk kecupanku Lusi is great and I looked at him lovingly and gently kissed her lips Lusi.
"Lusi dear, I want to make you be mine completely, you want it, my dear ...?"
"Honey, I want ..." she said tenderly, and his breathing began to hunt.
"Unfortunately ... I will make you not to forget our relationship and I want you to become the first woman to feel pleasure from me, will you?" I said again with gentle half-whispered, he nodded spoiled.
Lying side by side, kissed her lips as she opened up a sensual dress. My hands are quite experienced off her bra in pink, this makes Mr. P me tense. Finally seen the two large hills and smooth milk,
"... Wwoooww klas1 why high school kids can have like this?" In my heart, white, large, plump and chewy with tiny nipples pink. For a moment I watched as he slowly touched my hand, stroking and rubbing his nipples are menggemaskanku.
Louise realized when I was looking toward his milk and suddenly he complained as he tucked his head on my chest which has also been naked.
"Honey .. Do not diliatin continue dong .. Lusi's shame! "He said slowly in a tone of spoiled. I laughed softly as he embraced him tenderly.
"Shame as anyone care? Just me? Yeah? It is also only one person ngeliatin right ..? "I smiled amused to see this behavior.
"But it's still Lusi wrote ashamed .. because you are men who first saw Lusi guns wear a bra. "he said. I kissed his forehead again, continuing down to his beautiful eyes, nose bangir, continuing down to the corner of her lips sensual, red-sigh sigh broke with his little sounds to me. I played there I bit my tongue and soft. He impatiently menggelinjang and he kissed my lips with a savage, as his hand started to rub my head, I did not stay silent. Immediately hand down to milk the kegemaranku play, and I turned around kuraba tiny nipples. She moaned with pleasure.
My hands continue to fall. Kusibak her mini skirt, continue to the back of the zipper, immediately opened it slowly. He did not say anything and I felt that he was resigned to what I would do. I pulled her skirt down and he helped to release it.
"Honey ... hug Lusi dong ..." he suddenly interrupted my thoughts with melancholy. I hugged him gently back and I felt my cock crazy revolt. As he kissed her lips, her neck and hold down the milk and nipples of the excitement, I let go jeansku. I kissed the pink nipples repeatedly gently until the water soaked liurku. Kecupanku lowered toward his navel, he moves as he continued pulling my hair, sighing groan-moan with pleasure the fine.
Until my lips were on top of the already wet pussy covered by the CD.
"Honey .. I open the CD you are not you? "I said as I began to open his CDs out of his body. Warp just nodded his head with a groan of pleasure that I was sure she had never known life. Girls appear before me, virgin, female nude with a hole covered with fine hairs which pretty neatly. Vaginal virgin who had never been touched by any man. I kissed her upper lip was a beautiful thing to immediately issue a distinctive aroma. I feel the motion gelinjang Lusi and sigh.
"Ooohhh ... Honneeeyyy ..." I bet Louise is a loss for words to express the pleasure she had never experienced, because he was only 17 years old. I tried as hard as possible to keep my soul and rebellion, Mr. P behind my CD, I want to give maximum satisfaction to Lusi, so he will give up what I would do for the sake of mutual satisfaction. Kujilat parts of her pussy as she slowly opened her thighs that were previously Lusi clip to hold the shocks of pleasure when I first kissed the bud. Smooth white thighs opened gradually while gently playing with my tongue. Clit tiny pink looks broke. I can not stand. I kissed and bit-little bite. This makes her ass shake Lusi dense, chewy and with Mulu's crazy. His hands grabbed my hair and stresses in the direction of her vagina while holding a small scream. Already wet my lips, my nose, my tongue with a clear white fluid that came out was a bit salty but sweet with a distinctive aroma of her pussy. Grip on my head and jaws slack, he has an orgasm. Kujilat and swallow up the fluid in the vagina with a passion that culminated beautiful
"Honey .. Here dong, cuddle Louise ... "she moaned plaintively. I woke up with a scene that I just did. Crazy .. I just swallowed fluid virgin orgasm. I got up and hugged Louise gently and tenderly, he was shocked to see the mouth and nose are clear white liquid spilling. Suddenly, the "Cup .. cup .. cup .. "He kissed my lips, nose, chin, licking the remnants of a clear white liquid that still exist in my face with the wild. He kept looking at me with eyes that sparkle beautifully. Our position resting against side by side, he is on my left and I was in reverse. My hands touched and rubbed her milk-white, adorned with plump little pink nipples.
"Honey ..." she sighed softly.
"What is love ..?" I whispered.
"You love each Lusikan ...?" He said again, looking at and stroking my cheeks, my lips with his finger.
"Iyaaa ... what ... why nanyanya so dear ..." I said softly. My fingers still playing in the naughty nipples exciting.
"Honey ... because Louise had never been like this .." he said again, glancing at my eyes. Sweep hand does not stop in between the cheeks and lips. I looked back at him, smiling.
"Do not diliatin so ... Lusi's maluuuu dong ..." he said as he slid his sulky face on my neck, beautiful legs wrapped around the waist like a hug pillow. Suddenly she gasped as her stomach touching my stomach that inevitably, something tense touching her vagina behind my CD that has been wet. Lusi reflexively tried to stretch his body, but I held back swiftly to put my arms around his waist as he whispered,
"Do not be released dear .. let the sticks .. I want you to feel the man's love, touching your skin. "I said sure. She gasped and strained for a moment, patiently and gently kissed her forehead and lips, and I said, my CD release slowly,
"You have never seen such thing as an adult male penis in a state of tension right? You want to see? "I asked, staring eyes definitely toward the beautiful. He seems confused for a moment and I still looked at him with piercing eyes and convincing.
Finally, with the resignation he nodded slowly. We took off his arms and slowly, his head bowed Lusi look toward the base of my thigh.
"Ooohhh ..." cried little and shocked immediately hugged my neck to hide his face. I felt like laughing at his innocence it, understand it first time virgin saw Mr. Adult male P relaxed.
"Why dear ..? See beautiful is not it? "I teased.
"Ngga mauuu .. Lusi maluuuuu ...! "He said without releasing his breath on my neck with a little hunting and arms around my neck. Deftly I hug her waist resulting in Mr. My P is still tense stuck in between the soft pussy. He was shocked and tried to let go but I held her waist, her breathing getting out of breath. There was warm liquid flow touch Mr. P and I slowly began to strain her body slightly.
"Honey .. Lusi .. geeellliii aaahhhh ... "she sighed breathlessly. Kukendurkan my arms around his waist as he looked into her eyes are somewhat dim, whispering,
"Honey .. This part of the feeling of love and affection, say .. let's see .. "I took his left and turned my hand to Mr. My P is tense, he followed the movement of my hand as he slowly lowered his head in the direction of Mr. P I, I ran my hand to Mr. P, clutching my gently. I hunt and I felt his breathing began to feel the soft touch it with relish. "Gile .. coy ..! Mr. My P is held by the cantikkk virgin ..! "I shouted to myself. I taught her grasp of the Mr Lusi. P to massage gently, then let go of his hand is fine, continue to sort out Mr. My P rhythmically. While my hands are soft to touch her pussy lips and began to warm it with a sense of love. A moment later he shouted a small,
"Hooonnneeeyyy .. ooohhh ... ssshhhttt ... "she was moving and his hands still holding Mr. P I touched her pussy. Suddenly, he hugged me as she wrapped her legs are white and smooth as well as emphasizing her vagina with Mr. P me. I took off my hand was forced from the lips of the vagina is beautiful, her arms around my body, then his lips with a kiss on my lips with a savage groan as favors. Mr feels wet. P is still clinging to my lips the warmth of Lusi, the second orgasm. Wooow .. bed linens are no longer known shape and wet genitals on the part where we were stuck together. I started to not stand with such circumstances, Mr. P me even harder and straighter while slightly clenched between her soft pussy lips. What was surprising was, I still hold dir i can not begin to penetrate because it realized that this boy was a virgin, even if the situation stayed step, right right?
Common sense appears for a moment.
"If the ELU perawanin, emergency nich coy story ...!?" In a turbulent heart. I believe that I should end this pleasure with good condition. Me and Louise to be completely satisfied. I held Lusi ferociously kisses on her lips, neck, milk and stop and play around a little longer in the milk that menggairakan and small pink nipples that. Guerrilla hand toward the soft pussy pink on both her labia majora.
Smooth white thighs are wrapped around my waist, so my middle finger to roam freely rubbed her vagina which was very wet with the clear white liquid that comes out last. Sighs, moans and small cries continue the sensual lips in front of my face. Now and again he kissed and bit my lips with my fingers toying with malignant during the labia majora and the clitoris is a little harsh. Kugeser smooth white body slowly, so that Lusi is back and my position on it.
"Lusi dear, I want you to experience the joys of sex .. you want it ..? "I said, staring at his face that looks resigned and more beautiful with some of the sweat dripping from his forehead.
"Honey ... I gave it all to you?" She replied with a gentle half-smile also started to breath heavily.
"Unfortunately you will soon feel how the name Make-Love?" I said softly and kissed her lips as she certainly is adorable. He nodded slowly, but I'm sure would want to experience something he never felt.
Patiently and gently without letting go of my eye in the direction from half-closed eyes, kurenggangkan thigh, turned my Mr. P I was already tense from a kuraba up her vagina with my middle finger. Was broke open, gently, gently wipe, wipe the tip Mr. P to my vagina as he kissed her lips Lusi, milk, nipples. Kujilat intimate with her left hand she held immediately squeezed my head and his right hand tenderly caressed my back as if my tongue began to feel the pleasure of playing on the putting milk tiny reddish-sweep and sweep Mr. P on my vagina. Slowly I pushed Mr. P I entered about half of the vaginal canal.
"Hooonnneeeyyy ... slowly ... peerrriiiihhh ..." cried little. I was quite shocked and immediately stop moving because even though I can not bear to full penetration, but I still realize that it is the Louise ML with 17 years of bloody virgin Dutch very dear to me, so I must be patient and full of compassion and gentle love.
"Sorry dear .. a little longer .. I am slowly .. or revoked aja ..? "I said absently.
"Do not ... slowly wrote ..." she replied softly. I could not bear, to either keep him in pain and fear. "Crazy lu Ton, this child is still a virgin!" Said my back said. But because it was responsible, Mr. P I've entered a half I continued very slowly. Penetration that ended with complaints Lusi yes

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