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Sunday, April 1, 2012

good times at school 2

Honeeeyyy ... aaaahhhh saaakkkkiiittt ..! "Her breathing heavily, was a narrow hole wet pussy to lubricate Mr. P My going in and touch something of bounds, the hymen. I was confused for a moment to try to control myself. "Responsibility Ton .. terusin wrote ... "a whisper my heart again.
With a breath, I paused for a moment, looking at this beautiful girl perawanku.
"Honey ... you are what you ready ...?" I whispered in front of the sensual lips, his reaction made me desolate. He lifted his ass so that Mr. P I enter fully into the vagina is beautiful, all of a sudden his legs around his waist and pinned at the same time. "It's incredible this girl is a virgin!" Pujiku in the liver. I just shake my ass back and forth slowly but surely, more and more quickly, kissed the corner of his lips, the tip of his chin. Breathing and breath no longer erratic rhythm.
"Honey ... oooohhh ... teeerrruss ... ssshhhhhttt ..." moaning got louder. Movement becomes more rounded butt-so. Lusi I hugged her tightly as I began to feel twinges of Mr crazy. P me in the head. Movement of the vaginal muscles to suck Mr Lusi. P back to my every move I really can not stand. It was not long penetrasiku, Louise suddenly cried out softly with pagutannya on my shoulders right and pin her legs around my waist.
"Haooonnneyyyy ... aaakkkhhh ..." I could not resist anymore this bodily pleasure, where I felt the whole Mr. P buried in my pussy hole. ML is the craziest and most insane thing I ever did until then. I'm having a great orgasm with Lusi, my little girl, high school and who have kuperawani. Sperm in the vagina out spray in conjunction with a soft smooth thighs clamped around my waist with a strong sign he experienced the same thing with me. We berpagutan, berkecup, hugging, without any clothes to cover our naked bodies.
Some time, we embraced as if it will not release one another. I turned my body so that the position of the two of us side by side without giving up arms against our own. Sweat streamed down both of us back, neck, chest, abdomen and nearly the entire body.
"Honey .. dong open his eyes .. "I said softly, stroking his cheek, touching her lips with my thumb when I see him with his eyes still closed. Enjoy or try to realize what had just happened, is it possible? He opened his eyes and beautiful dark brown glaze. Slowly he looked at my eyes, tears running down two points from the beautiful eyes.
"Honey ..." his voice was gentle as he wiped his fingers on the cheek and lips.
"You love each Lusi's ..?" He said again with a little tersedan spoiled. "Saii dear .. I love you. "I said while stroking the cheeks and lips beautiful sensual. Droplets wipe our tears and caressing each other each with a face full of love and love.
"Lusi nyesel guns do with you .. because Lusi affection and love with you honey ... "he said softly.
"I also love the same Lusi .. nyesel guns you do with what we did before ..? "I asked again. He nodded slowly but surely and smiled sweetly. I hugged him and kissed his forehead, lips and bit into a small corner of his mouth, he grabbed my hair, returning kecupanku on his lips.
We slowly disengage each other and we both instinctively glanced at our groin respectively. Pensive for a moment we see the sheets of my bed was wet and there are red patches.
"Honey .. Lusi afraid .. there is blood in the ... "he said with a worried expression. Soon I held her cheeks and her eyes stick to my view.
"Do not worry dear .. it's a sign you are holy, I am the first to perform and be responsible for my actions, do not worry dear. "I replied with a calm and sure, and immediately re-hugged him, kissing his forehead. He returned my arms. We embraced as if it will not let go. I got up and grabbed my shirt from the floor immediately wiped body Lusi, in groin, vagina, looking at him a satisfied smile. He got up and took care of his clothes are strewn on the floor.
We stood face to face, intimate with each other's naked body. I hugged Louise, she returned my embrace and we berpagut gentle tenderness. Kugandeng hand, we walked a few steps closer to my closet, I took a clean CD. Louise involuntarily pensive look memadangiku.
"Lusi dear .. already afternoon dear .. "I said, reminded him too aware of myself, handing me a clean CD. She gasped and looked a funny sight when his eyes saw my CD kusodorkan him.
"For whom ..?" He asked, surprised.
"Yes for you .. you want to use the CD you are already wet and sticky? "I replied, stifling a laugh of amusement, the basic child. He woke up and immediately hugged me spoiled sulking, hiding her face in my chest.
"Aaahhh .. honey .. Lusi's so shy ..? 'She cooed. Lusi bring them sitting on my bed, I wear my white boys CD. It's funny to see girls wearing boys CD. Lusi wearing a mini skirt and back. Then I myself dressed.
"Honey, I want to know, why you want to do this at me? guns fear of pregnancy ..? "I said seriously, looking at those beautiful eyes. "Lusi for Lusi would love you .. honey it already promises to leave Lusi guns .. saii it? "she said as she hugged my neck. "It's already afternoon. Do not want to go home? "I asked her waist. He looked at me and smiled wistfully put his arm around my neck as he nodded slowly.
CD of her wet pink still lying on my bed. I picked up while I kiss, he tried to take it out of my hand but I held his hand.
"It's mine for ever .." I said firmly, looking at the beautiful eyes that sparkled.
"Do not ... it's dirty and smelly ..?" He said.
"Biaaariiin ... beautiful dirt and odor haruuummm .. mementos of a beautiful little girl. "I said, kissing her lips are sensual. I quickly threw the CD away and it's pink in my closet, closed, kukunci. He paused and smiled brightly. Lusi take you back to his house, clock shows 18:00 hours. We berkasih intimate nearly 5 hours in my house, crazy, crazy, and so forth. That afternoon I felt very happy ...
Time goes so beautifully ... until when the increase in class vacation time, I was told to keep your house, because my brother was going abroad on the streets to Africa want to see a tiger once ya ... hahahahaha. Saturday night was because I could not go everywhere, finally coming Lusi nga my mop in my brother's house. We talk here and there and I said if I miss him. I never managed to lure him, he said as he leaned his head on my shoulders
"I also miss ..." heard it I immediately approached him and whispered to him
"You say ... beautiful tonight?" Before finishing my speech, I was immediately greeted with a warm kiss dibibir. Immediately, I was surprised, but with a deft hand to welcome me embrace him and kiss.
A word not spoken during the first 5 minutes of each of our mouths. Then he continued to kiss, my left hand I took a pillow and tucked his shirt open as he passed. Once I opened his shirt, Lusi's body was really smooth none have defects in body. My old body looked smooth, but Louise could not wait, she pulled my head into the milk and sent it to ngisep nipples. Without further ado I was ngisep lick her nipples and a small bite me all over her milk until she moaned preoccupation
"Unfortunately ... ooohhh ... aaahhhh ... ssshhttt terusin say ... good."
While mengisep-ngisep milk Lusi, my right hand to open his belt and lowered his pants zipper, hold my hand into his CD slowly and gently rubbed klitrosnya already wet.
"Unfortunately not yet, wait to say yes ..." she stopped my hand to continue the activity, and he pushed my body to my situation turned around, he's above and below me. He immediately opened my pants and looking for Mr. P which has since been strained.
"Honey I miss this .. you say," he went on licking the head of Mr. P and gently mengisep
"Love is in say ..."
"It's hard to just say my mouth half doang" he tried to suck my muasin of slowly until hard
"... Continue to say ... Aaaahhh emmmmhhhhh" he insisted on crushing Mr. My P is big into his mouth, to the extent that the head and trunk Mr. P hit my teeth, but it all makes me groan fun.
"Let dong Lus ... entar hurried out, ga fun right" after that I immediately euthanize Lusi and pants and open the CD who had been still hanging around the thighs. I was immediately led Mr. P is big into the mouth of the cave mouth Lusi. Blesss Mr ... without further delay. P I've entered the vagina Lusi warm and still pinning Mr. P ku, despite ga pussy virgin anymore but still narrow and awful at Mr. P me.
"Aaaahhh Saaayyy ... ooohhh nice ... say ... I feel like when you first perawanin." "Aaahhh ... sssttthhh ... ooohhh ..." I continue to mengenjot ass to vagina
"Terusin say ... fast ... aaahhhh ..., cepet again ... I say ... keluuuaaarrr maaauuu ... aaahhh ..."
I speed up the movement and rhythm Lusipun compensate me. And I also want to get out
"... Aaahhh ... ssshhhtt sayyy me out ..."
"Soon again I say ... well briefly out ya mo '
"Aaahh ... continue Lus ... ooohhh ..."
After that we hugged each other, and every few minutes, me and Louise returned ML. We do that from 5 pm until 10 malem to 5 rounds. It feels awful Louise's pussy. Once finished I drove her back to boarding anya, and after that we always take the time to love again. Whether it's in his home when his condition allows it, or at the boarding house's me.
A few days after that I met Rachael, with a very soft voice and shy, she said I want the same ML. I then felt shocked and confused rada, finally she told me she wanted to taste the delicious ML as well as the time I did that with Louise and I was asked to teach. I invite him to a boarding an me. And there I was invited to watch a pornographic VCD on my computer. At first she was embarrassed to see the scene was hot on my computer. Then I blow softly behind her ears, her hands grasping reflex my hand, biting her lip
"Aaaahhhh ttteeerrruuusss Tonn ... yes ... I ajarin ..." I jumped at the lip Ratna who had been biting his lip-biting.
Sexy lips as he crushed Ratna, my hands-Remes meremes milk that great, then I led him to sit on the mattress, opening the buttons one by one. Once I'm bored ngelumat sexy lips, I took to milk who had been waiting already open my lips touch.
"Gelliiii Ton ... terusin, ahhhhh ... sssshhhhttt .... aaaahhhhh ..., "then I licked around her nipple and milk continues to end with a long straw and bite.
"Tons of clever you really make me horny, aaahhhhh ... terusin ... I like ...." as he hands me his jeans menyerosotkan
"Ton are now doing ...?" He pleaded tenderly
"We try to follow that was in the computer" immediately wrote us ngelakuin style 69. Blimey its fragrant dah Mrs.V very neat and clean and is filled with fluid kentel distinctive aroma.
I jilatin Mrs.V Ratna while occasional vacuuming. And Rachael was a deft shake Mr. P i.
"Sssshhhhhh .. Naaa ... well ... dong ... fast terusin say ... "
"Similarly, Ton ... teeerrruuuss awful, it's resistant mo ga dah pee aaaahhhh ssshhhh ... ton ... I'm going out ya" crot, .. crot, crot .., .. Its Mrs.V ngeluarin kentel fluid and spilled a lot around my lips. Apparently Ratna including type of women are very hot and wild in the play of love. That's just who would make me so crazy about him. Every time I intend to quit, the shadow of eroticism Ratna just want to make repeated them back.
While I was immediately sucked quickly and sretttttt
"Ssshhhhttt Tooonnn ... awful ..... floated "after my organism directly ngubah Ratna style to the traditional style, I am above and below him.
"Ratna sudan ready ...? "
"Ton wrote terusin I've ga-resistant." With the help of Ratna hand I found also that the hole is still a virgin. Mr.P my head I've deketin to Mrs.V Ratna lips, and slowly I try to enter. But ah ... it fails, try again .... also failed
"Why Ton ... cepet dong, a strong ga dah ya, I want ngerasain Mr. Mu the big P's "
"Patience Na ya ya ... I again tried to" open my lips a little Mrs. V Ratna with the second finger of my right. And finally blessssss ...
"... Aaahhhh Toonnn sick ..."
"Wait a minute too bad really" Mr slowly. I advanced P backing up of a viscous fluid forward movement memperlicin Mrs.V Ratna Mr pullback. P i.
"Ssshhhhhttt sore sore sore ... well ... aaaahhh ... ooohhh ... percepet terusin Ton ... ssshhhttt ...".
After smoothly Ratna was offset by the hips back and forth above. Awful time, Ratna Mrs.V you are still a virgin.
"Aaaahhhh ... aaaahhhhh ... sssshhhttt .... Tooooonnnn ooooohhhh ... "I continued to boost its Mrs.V with cepet Ratna Ratna and before I withdraw Mr organisms. P I
"Ton! why the disconnect .... "but I ignored the words of Rachael, I instantly lifting your left leg up and my Ratna directly away from the edge to stab her Mrs.V.
"Oooohhhhh ... Tooonnn you are great, this is more fun, Mrs. I felt full aaaahhh V ... ooohhhh ... ssshhh ... "I ramped up with hard, until you hear a clap clap clap ....
"Naaa ... ssaayyaaa ... mmmaaauuu ... keeeluuuaaarrr .... Where ngeluarinnya Na ....? "
"Aja Didalem Ton ga pa ... okay, I want it all ngerasain"
"You'll get pregnant ..."
"Is that okay ..."
"Hip mu majuin yes"
"Aaaaah ... ssshhhttt Ton ... I also want to get out ya, with ya aaahhhh ...."
"Aaaahhhh .... ssshhhhttt .... oooohhhh .... "we're out together
"Tons of really warm your semen in my pussy."
"My Memek itch itch so bad ... I want to again Ton" but it was Mr. My P started lemes dah, but due to Rachael asks again. I told you to shake and suck Mr. P by mouth. Finally Mr. P tense again after receiving good treatment from Ratna.
"Ton kontolmu dah tense again, enter another yaaa" I direct my nyuruh he nungging and Mr inserted. P through the back.
"Ooohhhh ... Ton ... awful ... you emang clever ... aaahhhh .... I ga vain ngorbanin virginity to you, you were great "I immediately wrote to fast forward from the rear backing
"Sssshhhhh .... aaahhh ... ".... plaque plaque plaque's ass ... I ngeluarin groin Ratna same sound. Again and again, while my hand slapped ass Ratna, and Ratna was no pain even preoccupation with the conveniences that I slapped her ass
"Aaaahhh ... ssshhhhttt ... terusin Ton ... oooohhhhhh enakkk" we did it with a variety of styles and over and over again, until-until Ratna's nginep in my dorm, and we also ML morning again until noon. Was really making me tired but fun. Then the next day Ratna always ask for more sex from my treatment, sometimes we miss and direct kekhostanku to ML anymore.
It was Monday, I was in boarding alone. My friends had their respective activities. That afternoon I was busy daydreaming in the shower while imagining the beauty of Louise's body. Along with the more picturesque fantasies that I began to shake-ngocok Mr. My P slowly, rubbed my penis foam feels so good, the faster movements and try to reach climax quickly, but because today I'm not what the mood, I was a little hard to get out, I see the head of Mr. P me to blush ... but all of a sudden .. "Brakkk" open the door and face menyembullah Poopy, I was shocked, so was he to yell, I immediately find my pants, but unfortunately due to the open door I obviously can not take my pants behind the bathroom door.
"Poppy ... you are as who ...? regardless of Mr. My P is still erect,
"Ooowww ...." he cried, but, oddly, he still stands and I saw his eyes fixed on Mr.. My P is still in the air pointing at the ceiling. unexpectedly and she immediately went into the bathroom and locked the door,
"Ehh, you're going to do?" I'm still confused over his attitude.
"You just calm Ton" says Poppy.
He immediately took off all her clothes and completely naked in front of me, I began to realize his wish. I'm still wearing clothes and Poppy immediately release directly to the wild kiss me all over my body, holding her hand just Mr. P I pulled it and pulled hard. It's incredible pleasure.
"Ton, your dick is big, well make me happy?"
I also can not stay silent during this whole ilmuku kupraktekan soon. I started grinding her lips while my hands to play in both the swollen milk solids. Nipples are small and reddish-gyre gyre me, sometimes I rub softly, lips and tongue continued to trace the spread of the neck and crushed two plump milk. Poppy just moaned softly, all parts of the body Poppy there's nothing missing from jilatanku, ranging from the fingers, neck, breasts, abdomen, hips, buttocks, his Mrs.V thick thighs and toes to lick and kiss me.
And while his tongue played in Mrs.V she lifted her legs into the bathtub so I'm free to suck her clitoris and inserting his tongue into Mrs.V, Poppy squeezed squeeze my hair stronger, while continuing to lick my hands squeezing and twisting the two p uting milk.
"Aaahhh ... Tonnn ..." my hair was not interested in Poppy took off from its roots as the first orgasm. I do not really care, I continued to kiss me all over the body and when I kissed her back, Mr. P feels good my ass is blocked between the parts are great, but maybe Poppy has gone up more passion, dibimbingnya weapon from behind,
"Press Tonnn ... aaahhhh ..." I'm straight forward and Mr pingggulku. P I was entering a narrow hallway warm
"... Aaahhh, good Ton, continue to the" Poppy increasingly slurred while I myself feel great pleasure, it was once a clothespin Mrs.V Mr squeezing rod. P ku,
Slowly I move my hips back and forth, while not remain silent squeezed my hand and twisting her nipples. More and faster movements, the entire muscle nerves seemed a bit stiff and my blood flow faster. I deliberately withheld my passion, so I do not come out until Poppy cepet orgasm 8 times and experience different styles before I started to feel my sperm has been felt at the end of Mr. P ku,
"Pop .. I want out "
"One moment, Ton .. bear "He then moves his hips forward so that Mr. P I tercopot, he immediately whisk Mr. P My hand is fine, while the lips and tongue tickling my chest with the tip of greed. Stopped my breath as strong as he was crushed by the end of my chest and his hands on Mr. accelerate whisk. P ku, eventually my whole body shuddered and shook as when sperm emitted by the pulse-beats several times throughout Mr pleasure. P me. .
I saw Poppy smiled with satisfaction,
"Ton, thou good at these affairs, tomorrow, tomorrow again, yah?" I just nodded, and without many words again direct Poppy dressed again and left me alone in the bathroom.
I received input from anyone to make my story more and more fun and erotic for the women (single, married, aunt, girls, girls) who want to exchange experiences SEX / ML, denagn condition we must keep each other secret. My email hubungin gue_8989@yahoo.com; but if I was there time and good mood again loh.

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