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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This natural process is known as gray hair

With age, there was a natural process that causes the melanin pigment disappears and the result of a human hair turned white. This natural process is known as gray hair. However, when this phenomenon of premature gray (gray at a young age) are increasingly common due to several factors, such as heredity, lifestyle, and stress.This is shown by the results of the study Usage and Attitude Urban Indonesia, conducted by Research International in 2008, which shows that the total population of Indonesia at 30% of men and 31% of women have gray hair. But if we look more specifically at the age of 25-50 years more women the percentage is 43% and 46% had gray hairAnother fact shows that 62% of Indonesian women who have expressed concern over gray hair gray hair that could interfere with performance (source: Research International in 2008, of 601 women aged 25-50 years old Indonesia, hair care product users). Furthermore, in general 58% of people who have gray hair have concerns of this problem.This is because the quality of hair dye is able to cover gray hair completely, and get a more lustrous hair. Hair coloring is also expected to give a new look with a natural color, and still be able to nourish and maintain healthy hair (Source: Focus Group Discussion, non-users of hair coloring, IPSOS, 2011).The study by Research International in 2008 to 601 Indonesian women users of hair care products, which indicates the amount of hair dye users in Indonesia is only around 16%. That is, there is still a 84% non-users of hair coloring that requires education to address doubts about hair coloring.Doubts about hair coloring emerged for several reasons, such as the fear of hair color after dyeing process, concerns about the chemicals contained can damage the hair, as well as impractical in use (Source: Focus Group Discussion, non-users of hair coloring, IPSOS , 2011).In addition, there are several myths related to hair coloring, which can inhibit a person to do hair coloring, including:Myth: Hair coloring gray hair growth acceleratesFact: Hair graying is a natural process, which will come with age. Meanwhile, the hair coloring process that will cover gray hair. Each month our hair grows 1 to 1.5 cm long, including gray hair. Growth is what causes the hair coloring process looks as if it lead to gray hair. Therefore, it is advisable to perform regular hair coloring.Myth: Hair coloring accelerate hair lossFact: As with gray hair, hair loss is a natural phase in human hair. Hair loss can be said to be fair, if the amount of hair loss ranged from 50-100 strands. There are several factors that trigger hair loss, such as:- Changes in hormone- Added age- Genetic Factors- Stress (pr / WSW)source: Vemale.com -

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