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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hijab Style Simple All you need to prepare


When observed hijab worn Saskia Adya Mecca is very attractive and fashionable. Complicated style does not like it?

Do not know, ladies. A friend of Woman Hijabers forum to share tips and simple steps to wear the hijab are simple, flexible, and comfortable view and wear.

All you need to prepare is:

A. Ciput Morocco

2. Long pasmina

3. pin



A. Tie off and trim the hair behind Ciput Morocco so that no child remains or hair sticking out. Ciput Morocco is very simple and effective because it not only cover the head, but also the ear to the neck.

2. Pasmina trim and pull 3/4 parts to the right. Leave on the lef


3. .


Pull back the right to play. Tidy up the front
4. Pull up and kerudungkan pasmina on the head, pinned a pin.

5. Make sure between the right and left sides of the same length.


It is not difficult to look beautiful and simple in Ramadan :)

source: vemale.com

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