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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

show off armpit in the modeling world

world model, part of the body where the hell is exciting about to be exhibited. Generally, the model much admired because of its chest, thigh skin smooth and soft. But now, the trend of the fashion world seems to have changed drastically.

If we consider, entertainment magazines currently being ravaged by a virus armpit. Strange title is quite reasonable considering major magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar Cosmopolitan even always dominated by Hollywood artists who exhibit underarm. Do not believe? Consider the following.

First of all let's look at this TWILIGHT star pose on the cover of Flare magazine December 2011 issue. With the seductive red gown, Ashlee Greene managed to make millions of pairs of eyes turned on (armpit) it.
Ashlee Greene
Ashlee is not only just the trend seems to be the icon to show off armpit in this modeling world. Along with the many actresses who then 'move' a cover girl, women like Anne Hathaway and Megan Fox also became part of the trend. Take a look at these two beautiful girls pose in the following figure.
Anne Hathaway - Megan Fox
Indeed, one of the sources had expressed to the Dailymail, the lift arm is a trend that is hitting the world of modeling at this time. Smooth and seamless underarm apparently began to be used as criteria for determining whether a person beautiful.

It's a good reason. Currently Hollywood women, including Kim Kardashian is being avidly destroy hair from their bodies. The skin is smooth, smooth and hair free is the dream woman of today because it is identical with the well-kept body. Let's say you compare what it's like if you compare the picture above with a photo of Julia Roberts.
Julia Roberts
Certainly feel that will arise in your mind would be different is not it? Is then the underlying facts of the global fashion to convey their message that girls are their beautiful fur-free, including the armpit. One way in which the course is to demonstrate poses to show off his arm.

In the end, even this kind of pose is also venturing into the world of the musicians. Even the popular singers like Britney Spears. Amazingly, this kind of pose was also supported by its own fashion expert. The appearance of Victoria Beckham on the cover of Elle magazine are as follows consecrate that this pose is a pose worthy of the best loved.
Britney Spears - Victoria Beckham
Hmm ... Indeed, it was wonderful watching the beautiful women showing her beauty through the armpit

source: when lagi.com

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