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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

hairstyles can be applied to all face shapes

UKhairdresser, had a top 40 best and most popular hairstyle is preferred and selected the hairdresser. A simple style with a layer, rumored to be a style that was popular and well liked throughout 2012.

Well, there are 5 hairstyles that you can try. That will make you look more fresh and not just stay with your long hair style.

Short Layered Haircut

xxxxxxx(c) UKhairdresser

Is a combination of bobcut with an additional layer on the front and rear. Layer on the front to disguise the shape of the face width, making it more memorable gaunt. Styled bangs sideways left corner of the face so the face does not form a closed frame and disguise the round.
This hairstyle is suitable for you who choose round or oval face.

Short to Medium bobcut


(c) UKhairdresser

(c) UKhairdresser

Short bobcut may be getting left behind, because the previous 2 years so in bobcut and worldwide. Hairdresser now prefer to combine bobcut a medium hairstyle with a few layers to keep hair length and volume.

A touch of fringe make this bobcut not rigid and very helpful, especially for thick hair types. No need to set it neat when you want the look of it. Wear a hair mousse and a bit random so that it felt more natural.

Medium asymmetrical cut

gain, the selected display medium hairdresser cut to appear in 2012. Asimetrisnya touch game emphasizes the two colors used on the front of the hair. Clear layer on the side and rear, while at the front of the less layered.

This hairstyle is suitable for you who have oval face shape and square.

Long layered haircut


(c) UKhairdresser

Simple and gorgeous. That's the right word to conclude the hair style is classic and simple. Behind the simplicity, you still want to maintain the long hairstyle can re-arrange your hair with a touch layer on a side.

Plusnya, hair styles can be applied to all face shapes.

Straight bobcut

xxxxxxx(c) UKhairdresser

Combined with full bangs that cover the top, bobcut is different from previous years. Where this hair style emphasizes the straightness of hair and no layers on all sides.

Straight hair is cut neatly with the same length. (VEM / bee)
source: vemale.com 

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