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Thursday, April 12, 2012

much time should check the ultrasound

"I (40) mother of two teenage girls. Not long ago I visited a niece had her first child WHO. From our conversation about her pregnancy, I was surprised Because, According to the story, every time she checked her pregnancy, the doctor will perform a Certain ultrasound. In fact, pregnancy is not a problem. As I recall, I had an ultrasound check only 2-3 times. Is not it dangerous, Doc, if every time a pregnancy check-hold on the ultrasound? had been so, an ultrasound of his four dimensions as well. In fact, how the rules of ultrasound during pregnancy? "(Anita, Jakarta)How many ultrasound examinations are recommended during pregnancy differs Between countries and institutions, According to Dr. Judi Januadi Endjun, SpOG, Subdivision Fetomaternal Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gatot Subroto Army Hospital. In general, ultrasound is recommended three times, the first trimester (10-14 weeks gestation), second trimester (18-22 weeks gestation), and third trimester (28-32 weeks gestation). There also are adding ultrasound examination known as a positive pregnancy test, and if the patient had never done an ultrasound examination on the spot or at the doctor's (a Considered a new patient).Medically indicated ultrasound examination of the other is when there is bleeding, suspected impaired fetal growth, fetal membrane rupture, or fetal death. Determination of gestational age is best done at 6-10 weeks gestation; determining whether the location of the placenta is still covering the birth canal or not at 36 weeks; screening for congenital defects is performed at 20-22 weeks Generally of pregnancy, Because most of the defects can be diagnosed at a gestational age them. Some defects can be seen at 10-14 weeks gestation, and 28-32 weeks.In institutions where I served, an ultrasound examination performed on New Patients, monitoring of difficult, cases, and screening for birth defects in trimester 1, 2, and 3. At a private hospital or private practice may be performed ultrasound examination of each control. It is Very Important is the existence of a written report on each of the routine ultrasound examination done, ESPECIALLY in screening for congenital defects or abnormalities of fetal growth.(Tabloid Nakita)

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