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Sunday, April 22, 2012

To treat the velvet dress very estra heart

To treat the velvet dress very estra heart - care that can be easily damaged and wrinkled, didawah are some tips on caring for velvet dress.

  In recent years, not many women's clothing or wearing velvet dresses, but this dress again glimpsed Hollywood celebrities. If you have a dress made of velvet, no special treatment so that the surface remains smooth dress with flat color.

A. Dress made of velvet should not be washed frequently. If you find a little dirt, clean only the dirty part. After that, spray fragrances, clothes and dress in store.

2. If you have is a velvet dress heritage beloved mother, then the dress should not be cleaned with dry cleaning process because it will damage the velvet.

3. If it's time to wash, soak in cold water velvet dress that has been given a mild detergent (liquid). No need to be soaked for too long, wash by hand gently. Rinse with cold water. Squeeze gently and hang in a place not exposed to direct sunlight.

4. If you find that difficult stains disappear only with rubbed, you can use a soft toothbrush and gently rub the stained section. Then follow the steps in point 3.

5. Velvet dress should not experience the process of ironing and heating. If you want to dress more neatly, leave it to a professional dry cleaning workers, but if you dress old age, this process should not be done.

6. Remember to always wash velvet dress by hand. Wash velvet with a washing machine will only damage the fibers and the surface of the gown.

source: Vemale.com - (VEM / yel)

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