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Saturday, April 14, 2012

How to Cope with Trauma Postpartum

Gave birth to a smooth, safe, and comfortable every mother's dream would become pregnant (pregnant women). However, sometimes reality is not the same as desire. The existence of a constraint on the delivery process resulting in maternal trauma.
To solve the case of trauma, the best way is to do counseling involving a psychiatrist or psychologist. To that for new mothers and maternity experience symptoms such as frequent crying, very tired, or other feelings that are very disturbing, do not hesitate to consult a psychiatrist or psychologist.
Of counseling will be exploring what exactly the cause and will be the best solution found so that the mother re-grow self confidence. Shackles of fear which previously was to be lost, replaced by a sense of optimism and confidence to nurture and care for your child well.
With counseling, the mother also did not have to worry if one day come back positive pregnant. Experience of pain experienced at first childbirth, instead will be valuable to prepare lunch for the next pregnancy is more vibrant.
AlternativeTerlanjut trauma that occurs can be cleaned with a study of emotion and trauma healing techniques. The most effective approach is TAT ​​(Tapas Acupressure Technique) are studied in a three-hour training. With this technique, one would be able to clean on their own trauma.
TAT is a new technique that is simple and effective way to create a sense of peace, relaxation and healthy in no time. TAT is one form of therapy in the science of Energy Psychology is emerging.
This technique is done by touching lightly some acupuncture points on the head (position TAT), while directing your attention to the problem you want solved.Touching these points with a mild trauma will fade effect, so that negative thoughts and feelings were reduced. Especially after experiencing a traumatic event such as childbirth.

6 Ways to Prevent Birth Trauma

No mother wants to experience birth trauma. Therefore, As long as labor is still some months ahead, it helps pregnant women (pregnant women) in order to anticipate the birth trauma can be minimized. In the end, is expected to pregnant women can give birth to a smooth, safe, and comfortable.
Check out some tips to minimize the trauma of this birth, which suggested to Dr. Arie Adrianus Polim, SpOG of the Royal Hospital Trauma and Reza Gunawan Jakarta, Jakarta holistic healing practitioner.
A. Find information about the birth process. Fear, anxiety, worry and tension will face a period of labor is reasonable. Especially for first-time pregnant women giving birth. To note, low and high relative real pain depending on the readiness of the mother. Therefore, even before birth, many-many are looking for information about the birth process and how to deal with it in order to feel comfortable, safe, and went on smoothly.
2. Routine control. Perform regular antenatal care. This was done to minimize the possibility of emergencies during childbirth. Check with the pregnancy at least once a month.
3. Anticipate obstacles. Find out if you include high-risk pregnancy (pregnant with twins, big baby, there is high blood pressure, had a caesarean section, women over age 35 years or under 20 years old, there is a history of bleeding, a history of trouble removing the placenta, recurrent miscarriages) . When the history of this kind should choose birth at the hospital, so if there is anything untoward would be handled more quickly because of inadequate equipment.
4. Wake fitness. Pregnancy exercise, breathing techniques, yoga can be followed by pregnant women to build fitness and facilitate the delivery process in the future.
5. Support of husband or someone nearby. On the other hand, pregnant women may feel less confident now about to give birth due to lack of support from loved ones, especially husbands. For example, when the process is not accompanied by the birth took place. Without any support, anxiety, fear of pain, excessive worry will always come.
Conversely, even if fully supported since the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant women will be steady through the day by day pregnancy and prepared childbirth. Even if there are obstacles pregnant women is more stable through the day by day pregnancy and prepared childbirth. Even if there are problems experienced by mothers stay confident, calm, and confident of success face a difficult and long labor.
6. Believe that pregnancy is not a burden. Believe me, pregnancy is not a burden, but a natural process and nice. The existence of obstacles and barriers are reasonable. During the mother can keep thinking positive, confident and self-confidence that can give rise smoothly, it will undoubtedly take place as expected.
(Hilman Hilmansyah)

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