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Monday, April 16, 2012

how to lure her husband to passionate

10 tips

For those of you women who want to see the marital relationship and your partner are not passionate, passionate ways to bait him. You can do some grakakan or start with a seductive and passionate conversation. Want to know what can be done to arouse your partner. Here, some tips.
Here are 10 ways to make a passionate man, as reported from wolipop:
A. Attack 'Bad'
Surprise him with an attack of 'naughty' as soon as he got out of the shower and ready for sleep. Or you can also begin to give foreplay in the morning. As quoted Idiva, the key word is 'attacked at a time when careless' for a quickie. Yes, men love the spontaneous sex!
2. Erotic dance
Men are visual creatures. That's why they love to watch movies like Baywatch or a fashion show of Victoria's Secret lingerie models. This is one of the male fantasy that secretly they hide from you. Feel free to realize his desire to see the beauty of his wife's body. Before making love, you can do foreplay with her erotic dancing.
3. Sexy Dress
Nothing wrong with occasionally you look sexy wearing lacy lingerie. Half-naked woman in her greatest passion was the trigger man. Buy lingerie red, purple, the brighter the better! Do not forget to wear red lipstick, eyeliner, and handcuffs when you act.
4. Touching each other
Mabel Iam, author of 'Sex and the Perfect Lover' suggest that you and your partner do the massage before sex. Touch on the skin can stimulate the body's seven energy centers. "So start massaging your partner from his hands and wrists," said Iam. "Then go to the arms and shoulders, before you touch her chest," he added, as quoted by the Red Book.
5. Role Playing
Each person has his own sexual fantasies. One of the best foreplay ideas portray the character of the pair is like. For example, couples like fantasy sisters, dressed in the style of your sisters during foreplay, you will certainly look sexy in the eyes of the couple.
6. To The Point
As quoted from Loving You, asking openly could be the most effective technique for him to make love. To the point, does not mean you say: 'dear, let's make love tonight'. That would get rid of her mood. Perform the movement, for example, gave him a soft kiss on the lips or whisper in his ear if you want 'warmth' tonight.
7. Men Want You initiate
"Do not ever let your partner take you first to get laid. Kejutkanlah with your initiative, as this makes him a man feel sexy in your eyes, "says Gardos, as quoted by Cosmopolitan. So it is with every thing he did during foreplay and intercourse, not only to those who receive but not give. The initiative also helps avoid the boredom of having sex.
8. Reveal Your Sexual Fantasies
Do not be ashamed or afraid to reveal your sexual fantasies to your partner. Who knows he's too excited and trying to find new ideas to satisfy you. She Knows quoted as saying, while he likes the occasional woman in control of lovemaking. Ask, too, what kind of sex partner wants from you. Open with each other about sex, will make your sex life better quality.
9. Wear a Red Dress Color
Excerpted from The Stir, a study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that men become more aggressive when you see a woman wearing a red dress. Interestingly, women also feel sexy when wearing a red shirt.
10. Use Chocolate
As reported by Forbes, chocolate is very useful for your sex life because of substance phenylethylamin. This substance can produce feelings of happiness and euphoria by releasing dopamine. These substances are normally vibrate when you orgasm. Try to tease him by rubbing chocolate sauce on his lips. Then give the couple kiss.
source: sky news

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