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Friday, April 20, 2012

you are in a state under the pressure and stress because of it

 Become a member of the navy takes control of the mind and be focused at all times, even in conditions under pressure. They are always busy but had a special trick in terms of stress management. Colonel David Grossman, a naval trainer gives tips for you to be calm under pressure conditions.

"The more stress you feel, the more rapid and short breathing you're doing. Thus, the higher the blood pressure and heart rate beating fast," he said. "Too many people living in 'standby' so that the effect on physical performance and mental health as well."

We will do now is breathing exercises. Col. Grossman is taught the way it look easy, but it can deliver maximum results, especially if you are in a state under the pressure and stress because of it.

A. Put your hands over his stomach, then breathe normally.

2. You can feel the movement of the stomach just a little up and down.

3. Now, slowly, inhale deeply so that your stomach is distended like a balloon.

4. Take out the breath slowly through your nose, let your stomach deflate slowly.

5. If still it is less, you can repeat it back to mind at ease.

This way you can do anytime. Additional oxygen that you get with these exercises will maintain every cell in your body and reduce stress levels that are perched on the mind.

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