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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

how to tighten a loose vagina muscles

lately a lot of husband and wife having an affair for the main diri.Ketakutan not good at caring for a wife after giving birth is no longer able to satisfy her husband. Of course, he meant the romance of the vagina. A reasonable concern, indeed. Moreover, can not be denied, the vaginal muscles after childbirth are experiencing widening. Or power cengkramnya weakened with age, weight, and negligence to continue to tighten.
Tighten the vaginal muscles? Yes, why not. Moreover, a simple tightening of the technique is not new and is also counted as manfaatny with herbal tonic in drugstores
Then how do I practice? Easy. First, you know exactly pergerakann your vaginal muscles. How, when trying to urinate, you keep running the urine, just a moment. If you feel any muscle movement, well, that's your vaginal muscles. Kegel exercises are also started in that way. When you urinate, try to resist the flow of water, about 1 minute for the first practice. After that, urine can you spend it all. But, if you want to succeed more quickly, try to do three times the detention during urination, the holding time is continually added.
If the holding time of one minute you've mastered that, try to increase it. But, you also must know the proper body position when the vaginal muscles. Try doing this exercise in the open state of the thigh, or squatting. It will make you open your vaginal muscles can shrink by more powerful. In addition, such a posture will make your muscles are interested in the stage, and the anal canal was narrowed. It also became a sign of your vagina muscles are contracting. But remember, you should also try to train your vaginal muscles without putting the same load on the buttocks or abdomen.
If this urine containment exercise familiar to you, And now you must turn to train all the time, though not to dispose of urine. Try, 30 times your vaginal muscles to hold in one day. Sure, within 30 days, your vaginal muscles will already be very strong grip. However, there is no harm in also, before the 30th day, you try it when the team suis with your husband.

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