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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Children need a father figure and role

David Beckham's ever-present figure in full for their children.
Children need a father figure and role, especially those who begin adolescence. Unfortunately, the presence of fathers in most families do not feel psychologically even though he was physically present in the home. More nurturing role assigned to the mother. As a result, signs of puberty when it comes to children (especially boys), they do not have friends to talk and had no role models to behave according to their gender roles.Children need a father who could embrace since he was a toddler, and monitor growth and development including during puberty. Children will have an open attitude to parents, if parents are building a closeness with the child since the child was a child."If the parents have split the role since the child was born, the child can identify the role of father and mother. Division of roles starting as early as possible, such as toilet training. Father served to teach boys, and the mother teaches her daughter. The closeness that was built from an early age the child will open later in the day to his father or his mother, "explains psychologist Louise dra M, MM, Psi, the launch of the book Panic At puberty? Say No! the work of Dr. Aditya Suryansyah Semendawai, SpA, in Magenta Cafe, Pacific Place Jakarta, Wednesday (06/04/2011).Communication and parent-child relationship that is built from childhood will affect the development of the child. When adolescence and puberty, the child close to her father would not hesitate to talk about his problems."Children will come to the father or mother according to his needs, if they knew from childhood roles parents. Boy, when faced with problems of puberty, will be more open to talk with his father than his mother. Likewise with the girls, will be more comfortable talking about menstruation to his mother. This is where the importance of division of labor in parenting mother father since childhood. So dad had to start talking with the child as a friend, the moon as a dictator. A family requires male figure, in this case the father, as a role model. Especially role models boys male in the family, so he could learn how to think a man of his father, and gender appropriate behavior, "said Louise.When a child enters puberty, the need for this much-needed father figure. Dad needs to start a conversation with the child, following a change in the child, including psychological. "Parents need to talk with your heart, with love approach," said Louise, adding that the father also need to talk to the child according to his needs by making the teenager as a friend.

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