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Friday, April 27, 2012

Wonder bra gives the following tips

To celebrate National cleavage Day which falls on Thursday, March 29, 2012 last, lingerie brand Wonderbra Wonderbra themed photo galleries displaying cleavage Celebrity Hall of Fame. A total of 10 pictures of celebrities with most beautiful cleavage, the poll results, posted there.

To inspire other women to get the beautiful breast appearance, Wonderbra gives the following tips:

* Wear a bra with lace material. Feminine lace material which makes it simple to draw attention to the area you want to view. When you wear plain clothing with material or a minimalist style, the clothes in the motif and the texture can change it more attractive.

* Be sure to wear a bra with the right size. If you want to buy a bra that can support the breast well and make it look more curvaceous, you better try it carefully. Bra should be mounted flat on the breastbone, so support is caused by the bra, not by her bra strap. Thus, the breast looks beautiful, and wear a bra that feels comfortable.

* For a fuller impression of wearing a bra with straps that can be customized to your liking. For example, by crossing the rope in the back. This makes the left and right breast is more "docked" and fully impressed.

* Treat your skin well. Exfoliate or exfoliation from head to toe. After bathing, apply a body lotion to your entire body to keep the body retain moisture. Finally, add the body shimmer to the breast area to make your skin look more shiny.

* To increase confidence, select the model of a bra that makes you feel comfortable and happy wearing them. Similarly, if you wear clothing that could boost the mainstay of confidence, right?

Source: The Daily Mail

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