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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

But there are benefits It can Change Your Life


In general, the purpose of fasting is to cleanse the human heart from sin, to purify the heart and soul back. But there are benefits, reasons and a more practical purpose, which can help you more easily penetrate the wisdom of fasting.A. Fasting we draw closer to God, and makes it easier to express the difficulty and feeling of God's own generosity.2. Fasting teaches OBEDIENCE. When deciding not to fast, you can still go on as usual. But since you will be obedient to the teachings of religion, then you were determined to do so.3. Helping you find true HAPPINESS through simplicity, restraint and celebration of the happiness that is not excessive.4. UNDERSTANDING feels thirst and hunger. For those of you who used to starve because of diet, the suffering of the hungry poor may not touch your heart. When fasting, you will realize this is how it feels hunger and thirst during the day and every day.5. By fasting we learn to ACCEPT difficult circumstances that must be accepted, which can not be changed anymore. This spirit is the same as our attitude when breaking forward tawakal and restraint during the whole month.6. Fasting trains us for the Concentration and want to try for something that is believed. When anger and emotion come, we will learn to make moral as a priority in solving the problem.7. Fasting teaches man to surrender and BELIEVE in the power of his in the face of difficult times. Maybe you have an ulcer disease does not seem to allow for fast, but in fact much too fast to be filled.8. A few hours long without food and little time to teach you to break the fast at the moment being grateful and happy to be patient and persevere in difficult times. It also teaches us not to have fun all the time to forget yourself.9. During fasting anger must be conquered, not DIVERTED. This is valuable training for and then apply in your life after a month of Ramadan.10. There is a limit to the meal, there is a special time for breaking and Taraaweeh. Through fasting you are also taught to ON TIME and DISCIPLINE.11. TOLERANCE and FORGIVENESS are points that are always true classic of all time. Fasting teaches two things that even a classic, but still can not be executed properly by humans.12. Restraint during fasting also teaches you the ECONOMIC SETTING. And to save money and sort out the expenses that are not excessive, now you know that actually there's always money to be practiced for other people.13. Fasting is also finalizing the person. With a willingness to forgive, hold back and be made a priority, you personally will really matured through the process of fasting.

source: Vemale.com

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