Marriage and the engagement is now a world trend both from the top to the bottom, even the celebrities did not want to miss this.

  t. He was seen wearing an engagement ring was happy. The happiness that radiates when showing off engagement ring he looked huge in size when it had just attended the event at a museum.

In a khaki-colored fitted dress, Angelina looks harmonious despite her figure look very thin. That can not be covered is an engagement ring with a large stone ornaments that adorned her left ring finger. That said, the ring was valued at 250 thousand dollars, or about USD 2.2 billion.

 According to People magazine, the couple opened their engagement in the home. '' They spent a day at home just to enjoy the moment until their children come home from school.''

     Possibly, an engagement ring is awesome and super expensive it fit with the feeling Pitt to the actress's charming.