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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This one was never out of date and also always have loyal fans

As time passed, too, changing fashion trends. Lately, various works, model clothes, shoes, jewelry, up to the author's growing innovation and enrich the world of fashion. Trend that existed was reborn with the addition of the side-sininya there. We refer to with yuk!Artful faunaShoes, hats, clothes, or bags that have a motif made of zebra or tiger's fur can never be rejected by any woman. Although less environmentally friendly, but this fauna artsy items always sought.Leather jacketDay by day, season, seasons change, but there remains a leather jacket on his throne. Body armor made from this one was never out of date and also always have loyal fans.Watch himAlthough impressed macho, but he always watches it looks sweet now adorn the wrists of women. Impression there is a tomboy, and if you want more feminine, pretty barengi just being with silver or gold bracelet.Diamond hoop earringsYoung, sexy, simple, and energetic, all that is the impression given by this model of one earring. Any outfit looks wah with a flickering circle which adorned the sides of the face. Hmm ...Shawl spangleEvery woman must have accessories on this one. Scarves can change the usual work clothes just to be super nice and professional. More appealing to the eye is not it?White JeansWhite, not many women who dare to wear these colors. The risk of stains in clothing that is printed to make them more comfortable to wear dark colors. Though white, in jeans though, always gave the impression of clean and cool. [Break]Neutral shoesWhether made of genuine leather, imitation, or even canvas, a pair of shoes that match the color of skin color always adds a level to your feet.Blazer full sizeDespite the expected protection, but to borrow a suit husband suggests pretty clearly not at all for your appearance. In the special moments, leave the jacket and wear a blazer, like black, blue, or striped ones, so you look more fashionable.Pencil skirtWant to show off sexy without comeliness of the body? Crave clothes that can make you sexy young age though, or otherwise start creeping up? Find the answers in pencil skirts. Macho posture can be transformed into a beautiful bend in the presence of these subordinates. Pencil skirts are also able to make the body more sexy look sexy. Size big size body look slimmer while wearing a pencil skirt instead of long skirts. Less let alone try?Lacy camisole or braSexy, sexy, and sexy. Each woman was created to be sexy. Although not visible from the outside, but wearing a lacy camisole or bra can make yourself feel sexy and expensive. So, surely you must have it right?Ten of the above items are to be found anytime, anywhere, but if you've found it in your own wardrobe? Let's keep in with these in items! (VEM / meg)

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