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Friday, April 13, 2012

Kebaya Dress Collection Inspiration for Night

In addition to its high social concern, Kartini beauty in fashion blouse also has its own charm. Kartini give the appearance of the ideal female figure Indonesia gentle, feminine, and unpretentious.
Simpleness Kartini in her blouse was pushed four young desiner: Erdan, Ririn Rinura, Paula Meliana, and Afril, to lift the charm kebaya fashion show titled "Eksotika Kartini Indonesia". Kebaya pieces became the inspiration in the design of cocktail dresses and evening dresses, so it could be the choice of the women executives and socialites to attend various events.
"Through the Kartini Day next moment, we would like to share a concern for the existence and achievements of women in Indonesia who has become a heroine for family and country," said AH Marhendra, chief operating officer of The Royale Springhill Residences, just before the fashion show at the apartment complex located in Kemayoran, Jakarta, Thursday (4/12/2012) ago.
In this fashion show, each designer fashion collection featuring about 10 traditional style with a touch nambun kebaya modern and elegant. Paula Meliana which is one of the designers of the fashion house Eva Bun, which is identical with an elegant wedding dress, this time trying to display a collection of clothing that is more simple and wearable for many occasions.
"Usually I was designing the wedding dress, but I always challenge myself to dare to be creative with other models and designs," said Paula told Compass Female.
This time Paula displays her spring collection is a traditional style in bright colors and bold. Paula collection of cocktail dress that looks more simple and ready to wear. Some applications of gemstones, and the little hairs are also added to enhance your collection. Paula combines different materials like silk and chiffon, in order to further highlight the delicate impression.
Ririn Rinura which also featured his spring collection with a choice of colors more colorful. It displays a collection of five cocktail dress and evening gown style of five semi-modern kebaya. Ririn the glamorous style of a very thick felt in his collection. "I added a little touch of Swarovski crystals and diamonds, to the clothing look more beautiful and elegant," said Ririn. Brocade material with a soft chiffon presents an impression of elegance in her dress collection.
Exhibited a slightly different style Afril in wardrobe. He displays many pieces of dresses, jackets and simple solid match. "This collection is more aimed at women executives who like simple and wearable looks," said Afril.
As a traditional touch, explore Afril many Balinese woven fabric. He combine them with a plain fabric such as silk weaving Bali to look more prominent. This makes the fashion themed "Bali with Love" is a unique look, especially with the addition of colorful beads.
While Erdan, the only designer of men in this event, showing off a glamorous modern kebaya. "The collection is entitled 'The Royal of Kebaya', because I want to show the figure of a beautiful woman with an elegant modern kebaya," he said.
Kebaya with the addition of golden sequins and other details throughout the kebaya makes the design look very luxurious. Kebaya with a long tail hanging, batik fabric combined with matching color, accentuate the uniqueness. Erdan seen dared to be different by showing kebaya made of brocade, sequin detail, with batik fabric prada luxurious.
Fashion charityMany ways you can do to improve morale and concern for others in need. Concern for others is demonstrated by the four designers were and The Royale Springhill Residences in the form of charity fashion. Each donated a collection of designer clothes to be auctioned, and the results are entirely donated to the Foundation of Friends of the archipelago.
This donation will be given to help children with cancer, children's education from pre-prosperous family, and orphans. "We are all very excited to participate and help ease their burden, and as a designer in this way that we can do to help," said Erdan.

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