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Friday, April 20, 2012

Kebaya Collection Wave of Love

Kebaya Collection Wave of Love

Do a job based on a love and hobby, it produces something amazing, amazing. From simple things, can flow the beauty of high art.

This is the forerunner to the presence of beauty kebaya Riny Suwardy Fashion House. Touch with the elements of this art comes from something simple, such created by him into something not only beautiful, elegant, luxurious multi-function well for the wedding couple.

Something that simple admiration for the beauty of butterflies, metamorphosis of these beautiful winged animals applied in color and decorative detail are present in the collection of kebaya kebaya-beautiful.

"This year I took out some of the kebaya design a new color for 2012, if all this is the knowledge I had, once more into the gothic color, this year I spend most of this collection in bright warnawarna toska that combined several other colors. New Collection more fresh, girly glamor kebaya language is present in blue combined toscha shocking pink, blue toscha combined silver, blue to red maroon toscha combined, there is also the color of terra cotta and copper that combined chocolate, "he said when met at Riny Suwardy boothnya in the event Bidakara Wedding Expo to 7.

"The inspiration comes from my imagination kebayaku a daughter who will be present in the garden with beautiful flowers, while butterflies seen its philosophy of color and detail, from caterpillar, to cocoon, to become a butterfly. He is finalizing her as I as a designer of the year at the age of 17 years. the bright colors of this present incarnation of a butterfly born in beautiful colors, "explains Riny

Riny give a name to the theme of her collection of French amour d'une Vague & papillon meaning 'wave of love', the beauty and love of butterflies, following a wave of color and liuknya wing butterfly - butterflies are so beautiful. It is dijuga enter in detail the design, which is applied in the form of the wave of constructive materials at waist and neck of one of its design. Some form of a butterfly pinned in a tail fashion in a dreamy tulle material, which can be released to deliver a distinct impression on the kebaya. It also is trying to be appointed by the Riny, wedding kebaya collection that can be used in two different occasion. Kebaya a detachable tail may facilitate the wearer to use the kebaya in other events, because it does not look less like a wedding dress.

His love of cultural property in the nation's ethnic beauty Wastra he also tried to lift, in the materials side by side with a collection of her blouse. Materials that he took, from the striated fabric, an old collection of the mother, to Palembang songket songket Padang also known as songket finest.

This beautiful collection of kebaya, appear so luxurious in the mix of stones are so small from natural stones or Swarovski, who arranged to form a beautiful motif, this detailed work even take up to a year to produce this beautiful kebaya. Kebaya material while using the basic French Lace tonenya tile.

Not only beautiful with kebaya kebaya-price range from 30 million to 100 million, Riny also offers a collection of simple kebaya for graduation, or birthday, and some Muslim clothing is also offered in the workshop located in Benhil.

(VEM / bee)

source: vemali.com

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