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Sunday, April 22, 2012

True love is when ... You never mad at him

Love a lot of the problems the world faces, sometimes we ourselves do not much I can understand the truth of real love, love tomorrow today arguing that love is confusing, but yes, Sidia always miss much missed.Called true love if there is one that is willing to die? It's only in romance novels and movies. In the real world, true love is not to be demonstrated by things that are sweet. In fact, sometimes the things we value burukpun, can prove that your love is true or not. Like this ...True love is when ... You never mad at himYou know, never really even made angry demonstrate true love?In a relationship, someone to feel belonged to each other. And it is normal human nature that if then there is jealousy in relationships that arise and sometimes over possesive attitude. It is precisely through this, you know very well that you were loved and wanted to always have it.True love is when ... never argue and fightStill associated with the first point, true love is shown when you and he has been involved argument, whether small to large. Here means that you and he cared about each other each other, but had to dispute it.One more thing, in a fight that happened, true love will know when to back down. Even in the great fight, one partner is always an invitation to start peace and intended to improve themselves both respectively.True love is when ... You've made him cryCrying is not always synonymous with the mushy, occasionally, it is the cry of conscience that is not conveyed in words. A calm emotions flowing through tears. And this is one good thing in a relationship, because it was supposed to be in a relationship there is the ebb and flow. On the positive side, you came to know the drawbacks that make you to cry.True love is when ... You conveniently nearbySmall hearts can feel good, much better than our eyes are often closed-physical beauty and immersed in the material."If I know what love is, it is Because of You - Herman Hesse"Time with him, you feel calm, comfortable and protected. You do not feel worried about anything, and feel confident. That's true love, where soulmates meet and become one again.True love is when ... You and he are compactDo not have all the things you love with him. But in some ways, you and he can be a partner in a compact figure. Mutually protect each other, mutual menyupport each other, look after each other, caring and understanding.True love is when ... can show what it isHe knows all your bad habits, as well as vice versa. All was normal and there was no cover-up. That's when true love meet, because they already understand the depth of their hearts, and we have nothing to hide anymore.True love is when ... there is emotional intimacyWhen physically adjacent and in contact with him, you feel awkward, you feel comfortable and safe. That's when true love meets. And it feels like to always be touching each other all the time, like do not want to be separated. This is why the relationship is more serious and far away, sexual activity is also called an intimate relationship, where the couple followed the instinct and desire to always close and touching.sources: (VEM / bee)

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