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Thursday, April 19, 2012

natural Latest Beauty Appearance


To change the appearance for the better and healthier, you have to do a complete and total. If not, you do not venture will provide maximum results and did not last long. Here are ten points of beauty resolutions that must be fulfilled.Switch to natural products Natural product is always better because it does not contain harmful chemicals that can not be accepted by the skin.Keep the skin moistOily skin can become dehydrated, inadequate water needs by drinking lots of skin and apply moisturizer. You must respond when skin feels dry and needs moistened.Enough sleepSleep eight hours a day is set in stone that is not negotiable if you want your skin healthy and natural shine. Time to sleep at night can not be replaced when it gets light, because only at night to regenerate skin. Choose also pillows and bed linen, silk or satin that is not easy to shrink to reduce the pressure on the skin.Do not linger a hot bathThe skin has a natural protective oils of the skin to retain moisture and keeps it supple. Using soap is too 'hard', bathing too frequently, and bathe too long especially with hot water to remove the oil layer and make the skin dry.Use a sunblockSunlight was not as good as our great-grandmother first time, use sunblock berSPF enough for a few months then you will see a noticeable improvement in your skin.Wash your make-up polishingAlthough only used for applying make-up, but the pile of cosmetics and oils from your skin is buried in the brush and sponge powder can be a place to grow bacteria. Clean regularly to keep skin healthy.Change your behaviorIt turned out that beauty is not just about using the product and perform the ritual of beauty, but also about lifestyle. Sugar, salt, alcohol and cigarettes are the enemy of beauty; as well as sunlight, exhaust fumes and bedtime habits.Dare to take risksWhy stick with a hairstyle that's all? Do not be afraid to take risks to change the style of dress, hairstyles and also tried various treatments that treatment can make you look better.Remove make-up timeIt's a shame anyway .. but if the same make-up does not go out for years, you have to let it go to waste. As with other products, make-up also has a limit expires will be dangerous if it continues to be used
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