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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lingerie can be used for various occasions

Lingerie can be used for various occasions
There are times when you want to come up with a sexy little outfit. One way is by wearing lingerie model of the canal as a dress, and covered it with a trench coat or a long cardigan. Thus, even though your body is closed, the display is a little soft lingerie can give the impression of sexy peep.Even so, there are some things you should notice that other people do not think you're just wearing underwear when attending an event or party.A. Make sure that your purpose in using lingrie. On what occasion, and is used in the morning or evening?2. Make sure the color of the dress that you are using matches the color of lingerie and vice versa. Roberto Cavalli, who recently staged his spring collection, featuring some of the lingerie is becoming a trend. Most of her lingerie to show its sleek design but still sexy, which is an elegant black color. A solid color like this could be an option, rather than soft colors such as ivory or beige.3. Adjust the model and material. Neat seams, the model is not too crowded or too decorative, if you have any fur elements must be designed with tidy. And of course, cover all major body parts. Contrast this with the lingerie to bed.4. Length and body size. Lingerie should have a size standard on the silhouette of shirts, skirts, tops, dresses or mini. Although transparent lingerie, you do not want your lingerie to race with your mini skirt right? Or lingerie like to rebel and do not support the breasts as well. But once again confused with lingerie that you normally use to go to bed.Not to do?Seems excessive. Remember, you are in the public sphere. Carmen Electra for example, he could not distinguish the lingerie for the party, for purposes of employment, or to sleep. He uses satin lingerie from the average used for sleeping. One more mistake when using lingerie for formal purposes: too much lace and ribbons!Sources: Glamour

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