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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Make a Financial Mess

With proper financial planning, everyone can feel the joy of prosperous and happy as singles or before marriage. You can design your own proper financial planning, including managing a good monthly salary. When you do, you should avoid these five financial mistakes. In his book, Hot (Broke) messes; How to Have Your Latte and Drink It Too, Nancy Trejos says there are five mistakes that make the financial mess.
A. Forgot to make the target. Salary rather than evaporate without a trace, immediately make a real target. Like buying a gadget that is useful for a career, home installments, or set aside for continuing education. So you have a clear reason why it should be set aside income.
2. Reluctant to learn about investing. According to Nancy, women often tend to play it safe, will choose an investment rather than savings or time deposits. In fact, the investment could pay off more in the future. So do not be afraid to start learning to invest. Many investments are really easy to learn, such as gold or a mutual fund investments.
3. Bad financial documentation. Still ask why salaries are always evaporate before the middle of the month? Cash flow notes can help you see where the money is evaporating. So, you can adjust where the expenditure to be braked. Make sure the savings account and separate account of expenditure. Pay debts and liabilities of the day after payday, take at least 15 percent for savings, set aside for the necessities of life for a month, a new use for shopping sisianya.
4. Combining assets with a lover. Although you and your partner are planning to get married, the risk will remain broken. So there's no reason to be shy talking about financial issues, such as the amount of savings, the amount owed, up to future planning. In addition to minimize disappointment if it turns out the couple had a lot of credit card debt for example (rather than later married), you can both plan to realize targets such as buying a house or car. Moreover, the joint may have assets, a prenuptial agreement to be important for the division of property becomes apparent when one day the relationship can no longer be maintained.
5. Work-oriented one. Already frugality to the last salary but still lacking. Maybe it's time you develop a career by finding a better wage offer or start looking for bids as a freelancer. Do not waste time, effort, enthusiasm is still burning.
(Ayunda Pininta Love)

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