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Thursday, April 12, 2012

David hooked another woman

Not easy for many couples to undergo marriage to 11 years and still tender to the present. However, the couple David Beckham and Victoria Beckham could be an example to other young couples. Although he was met by a variety of rumors that say David hooked another woman, or they will split up, in fact they are preserved until now.For couples who are both busy, they often have to travel. However, according to David, they always try to spend time together. "We used to date both of them, of course. I think it's important," he said.One way to keep loving them like when they were driving together dating is dating. This way they always did when he was courting. They also frequently visit the place where they first kissed."We are delighted the streets with cars. That's what we did once when I lived in Manchester, and spent the weekend in London. We drove both, and then just sit in the park, talking. That we still do now," added man who married Victoria Adams on July 4, 1999.At that time, Victoria was popular with his vocal group, the Spice Girls. Of course not easy for them to drive cars and roads with no known fans. "How nice that time, we have to sneak. I baseball as popular as Victoria, and hide 'Posh Spice' baseball at all easy," selorohnya.Victoria about her love story with this, it seems that David is not stingy to share stories. Their first kiss, he said, occurred when they were on their way to her parents' house in Epping. "There was a small pub, and our first kiss in the car park there," said David, who celebrated his wedding anniversary is the 11th in a family party in southern France.The couple was also a lot of love to tell stories of their children. Including about his first kiss in the car park.
Source: Marie Claire

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