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Saturday, April 21, 2012

We could be more wonderful than man

The closer to April 21 (the date is important for women and women of Indonesia), we more often read articles or watch shows that women devote a variety of arguments about gender equality and the emancipation of women. We often read or hear the words "Women are more powerful than men," or "Women are more resilient and stress than men," and similar phrases that seemed to promote the Eve in the substation of war, as if women are more intense , cool, durable, etc. in any case than men, so that the success of emancipation.The question for me is ..A. Is it aimed at the emancipation .. "We could be more wonderful than man"?2. If the benchmark is more 'high' of man becomes the final destination, whether it was quite proud of?What I saw and felt during this time, there is the tendency for women to be proud of the high position, anti trampled by men and as much as possible should be in the position they are in any case. It can not be wrong 100% due to both men and women have equal opportunities to develop themselves in various sectors, from the easiest course, education and employment. Certainly better if the women know what their rights and obligations, we would be happy if the women are aware that the behavior of domestic violence is something that is not properly received by anyone, especially for women.But the increasing educational level of women, the higher the awareness of equal rights between men and women, the higher is also the pride of the women if they could exceed those for men. Is it a benchmark for what we fought for the emancipation of all this? It seems not very appropriate.Knowingly or not, there are differences between women and men, as written in the book Why Men Do not Listen & Women Can not Read Mapkarya Allan Pease and Barbara Pease.Quite simply that the most fundamental problem here is this: men and women differently. Not because there is a better or worse but just different. That's it ... The world community now believes that men and women have the skills, abilities similar potential. Yet ironically, science proves that they are actually completely different.Furthermore, the book discusses the differences in the brain, psychological and evolution of the men and women. Still do not believe that men and women differently? Examples of this easy, if you go to the toilet and asked a female friend to accompany you, then it will seem normal. But if a man asks a male friend to accompany to the toilet, then it would be - eww - awkward. You would feel more comfortable asking the opinion of women companions to assess your performance, while the question "I am more worthy of wearing red or blue?" a question that sounds like "You want to poison insects or rat poison?" in the ears of men.We differ with them, accept it. So close to the point of the celebration of emancipation in Indonesia, this take very wisely. There are many sectors where women can realize his passion as well as men, even more. But there is also a section where a woman can show a softer side that became the man that can not be done. And yes .. it seems we must begin to reduce the 'Women are more (please specify) than men' because once again, not because there is a better or worse among women and men, but just different. That's it. Does not matter which one is better or great, as long as you can be a great person to yourself and others, that's true emancipation.

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