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Friday, April 13, 2012

Mother Can Choose Toys Under Age Children

Despite careful to keep the baby, sometimes neglectful parents let children play with toys that are high risk. Pick out toys for the children to look his age, and make sure there are instructions that explain its function. If not, a toddler can not accidentally put the toy into the nostrils or ears, or swallow it.
"For children over the age of one year, always select the appropriate standard of toddler toys. Choose toys with instruction by age are listed in the toy box. It's the safest way to deliver toys to the children," said Dr. Phan Oto, a pediatrician told Compass Female, at the show after talk show mothers and babies, some time ago.
According to Dr Oto, giving toys to the children need to see the needs of children. For newborns, no need to provide a specific toy for babies at this age only recognize black and white. Starting at age three months, babies begin to recognize differences in color, so give toys that are just introduce colors.
"Newborns do not have a sensor, it needs just a caress and give the song as well," he added.
Entering the age of four months, babies have started to move and has a sensor, but it remains to be stimulated. Baby is moving increasingly active at the age of eight months. Provide toys at this age does not matter as long as parents keep more careful.
If the child is aged one year, given the large size of toys that do not easily fit into the mouth or other body member, said Dr. Oto. Well, if age is more than one year, parents need to more carefully select the toys. Of which with respect to instruction in the toys, whether it is appropriate to the age of your toddler. If necessary, ask the store or toy seller, to ascertain whether the toy is safe for your child's age.
Other entertainment for childrenIn addition to toys, via DVD or television spectacle could be entertainment for children. But parents need to be extra careful to choose tontotan children.
Children aged one year have started to learn to imitate, said Dr. Oto, so it should be accompanied by children watching television or movies of children though. Cartoons, for example, not everything is perfect for toddlers. Although funny and enjoyable, certain cartoons tontotan more fitting for adults. You certainly do not want a toddler at home hit each other while imitating scenes seem funny is not it?
For entertainment this one, you should limit the time children watch television or movies of children via DVD. Take time also to assist, so that children understand and can not replicate a scene from the early recorded.

 When you enter a toy store, you may be stunned to see so many kinds of toys are provided. So much, until you are discouraged to buy toys for your child. After all, your child also remained busy despite the "toy" just a candy jar that contains a cast and put back repeatedly. Or, napkins, repeatedly dragged by the feet back and forth.
However, you need to remember, a good toy should encourage the growth and development of children. Toys should also be adapted to the character of children. What works for others, not necessarily your child likes. Toys should not be too difficult, because it will make it frustrating. If it is too easy, would make it boring. Then, by Alvin Eden, MD, clinical professor in the Department of Pediatrics, Weil Medical College of Cornell University, New York, when choosing toys for children, you should consider the level of safety. Basically the toy should not have sharp corners, the parts are easily removable, not easily broken or cracked, large enough so as not to be put into the mouth and swallowed.
Here are some age-appropriate games, on the advice of Eden:
Ages 0-1 yearsMake sure the toy is not flammable, not toxic, and can be washed. Stuffed animals should be a single part; when a hand or foot is also connected securely. The face should be painted or embroidered, so that no eye of buttons that can be pulled on and off and swallowed. Toys are small and light more easily held and cuddled by the children of this age.
Moving toys help develop baby's ability to pay attention to the object. Balls that emit sound or have parts that move in it stimulate motor, visual, and auditory, and helps develop eye movement, crawling, and improve motor skills. But make sure it can not exclude the moving parts are. Toys that jingle will also draw attention to the baby through color, sound, touch, and taste. The bracelets are designed to stimulate the growth of the tooth should be granted, provided that is not easily broken, no parts are loose, and can be washed.
Ages 12-18 monthsAt this stage, your baby can stand and sit, but there is not yet able to walk alone. They were happy to move the objects, like toys that can be pulled them off and making a sound, a toy that can be opened and closed, press a button, and play peek-ba. Babies also love to play up the box, but the select box is covered with a soft cloth and mild. No need to provide too many boxes, because it will confuse the child.
Happy baby with a toy that can be boarded like toy cars, but the game is dangerous for children who can not walk. Make sure children can go up and down the toy easily, and can maneuver itself. Toys that can be pulled them off is also good for children who can walk.
Ages 18-24 monthsChildren this age have started to speak, and interested in the size and placement of goods. Prepare a large box will appeal to her. Start with a small set, and replace it with a large children's interests evolve. Given a container box that makes it fun in and out.
Toy telephone to give the child involved in the activities of adults, and children like her voice. Shape that resembles a cartoon character to help kids stay interested. Toys encourage children to recognize shapes merge together the pieces. This helps develop eye-hand coordination, ability to find partners, and recognize shapes. But the pieces of the toy should not be too much.
Toys that was quite good, among others, with a passenger bus that can be issued, hand puppets, or dolls. Playing with baby dolls and her trolley to help children develop imagination, role play, and build social skills, in addition to help improve motor skills.
Ages 2-3 yearsChildren are getting creative. They liked the activities of adults, and a realistic toy will stimulate their brains. This age group also fond of toys that require motion and dexterity.
Toy or doll that can talk, or play musical instruments are also popular. The more features are displayed, the children like, as long as it is easy to use. Cars such as trucks either for inside or outside the home, as well as a complete sandbox with buckets and shovels to dig or dredge sand. The train is also fun, because children can learn to put down and picked up from the train tracks.
Children also can play a simple puzzle. This game strengthens eye-hand coordination, matching skills, and recognize shapes, and will make it continue to wonder, to the extent appropriate to the level of ability. Pieces should not be too small, so that is not easily put into his mouth as well. Toys that indicate professions, such as medical devices, or cooking, also encourages creativity.
Age 3-5 yearsChildren this age begin to enjoy drawing, scribbling, and give color. Provide paper and crayons will also encourage the ability to write. Doodling will enhance imagination and creativity, and a means to express his emotions.
Which uses board games (board games) such as snakes and ladders sharpen the skills of visualization and memory, as it requires imagination or mental calculation. Another game that could be introduced is the story books, toys to build things, to wear clothes on the dolls and various accessories, playhouse, puzzles with adjustable difficulty levels, and bicycles.

Source: eHow

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