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Friday, April 13, 2012

Muslim Wedding dresses are more elegant

Muslim women dress is often difficult to find the right wedding dress. Choice was again returned to the kebaya, which sometimes are too tight in the body. Meanwhile, Muslim women feel more comfortable dress featured in a special day with wedding dress elegant loose but not too much to remain memorable.
Designers member of the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers Entrepreneurs (APPMI) Irna Pearl, targeting this requirement. In addition to creating a diverse collection of wedding dress modern concept, Irna membukukannya to provide inspiration.
Irna take a moment and then Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 to launch a book entitled New Concept Wedding Moslem PT Scholastic Press publication. In his book, Irna inspire Muslim wedding dress unusual. Without leaving the impression of prominent modern Muslim dress rules, which loosely covers the body without accentuate curves.
"Many Muslim brides have trouble finding or wear a wedding dress on her wedding day. Usually the bride and groom also wear kebaya muslim wedding dress modifications as are often tight in the body. There was also a bride wants to look special, elegant, but sometimes too much," he said on the sidelines book launch in Jakarta some time ago.
According to Irna, people who wear Muslim clothing including tight on her wedding day because of ignorance and unavailability of appropriate clothing. Muslim wedding dress collection book works well as an inspiration Irna provide alternative bridal gown modern Muslim nuanced but still looks simple.
Simple, elegantIrna use silk satin, taffeta, and tulle, to design a modern Muslim wedding dress collection. About the color, white is still dominant but a combination of silver is also another option.
Irna has designed hundreds of Muslim wedding dress collection. "Most bought by the salon that provides wedding services," he said.
Muslim wedding dress models work Irna growing, with his trademark feature: luxurious, elegant, and comfortable. One fan-made wedding dress muslim Irna, Zaskia Adhya Mecca, admit it.
"His clothes are elegant, luxurious, simple, and easy to wear," said Zaskia, who uses muslim wedding dress brand Irna La Perle on her wedding day.
Irna ingenuity explore materials Moslem plain and long loose a beautiful wedding dress warmly welcomed. Not only that menggemarinya Zaskia. Muslim women dressed in another who wants to look stylish on her wedding day also looked at La Perle is a collection of Irna.
"A lot of friends who ask for a wedding dress I've ever used. They were happy to have a solution to marry Muslims wear a wedding dress that cost can also adjust the budget," said Zaskia.
The uniqueness of the wedding dress muslim Irna rancangnya Pearl lies in the simple lines highlight the elegant woman. In addition, game accessories, from necklaces, corsages, flower and beadings detail as well.
"Fashion can be a Muslim wedding dress, and not to be glued on sequins. I explore the material processed plain, wearing a corsage to accentuate the elegant style of beautiful, creative veil, shoes, and enriching the detail," said Irna.
The use of accessories, looking comfortable, loose dresses and presents an elegant, distinctive collection of wedding dresses to Irna Pearl.
In his book, Irna provides a general model of about 16 Muslim wedding dress designs. Variety of tastes satisfied by Irna, featuring modified kebaya muslim wedding dress up dress bolero models, even a poncho.
Irna creative with accessories such as brooches, necklaces, corsages perfectly applied on every Muslim wedding dress.
Many choices of models available, such as wide-collared long gown with ornate brooches, and whorls of beads. If you prefer a more modern style, with wide-cut dress poncho opnaisel simple detail can be selected. Irna also presents an elegant impression on Muslim dress with a corsage on applying simple cut loose long dresses.
For those of you who want to appear on a special day with a kebaya, kebaya Irna creation of long and short, including semi kebaya jacket, combined with a long loose dress or skirt.
Lace is also not behind in the creation of Irna Pearl muslim wedding dress. Lace bolero with button detail dress paired with a wide, resulting in a total look is elegant, luxurious, but still impressive is simple.
Not only inspiring wedding dresses, Irna also share knowledge about the application of a wedding dress and veil for a party dress. In his book, Irna also featuring fashion creations the parties apart pairs of wedding dresses.


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