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Sunday, April 1, 2012

My desire auxiliary outlet victims

Some time ago, because it has been repeatedly invoked by his son in the village, then we who are old maids, sister Iyem finally come home to his village in Central Java, but before leaving he promised to help us to find a maid who comes from another village also, so when Mbok Iyem return home, not a vacuum maid in our house. It is important to us, because we both, husband and wife work, so we need a maid to clean up the house.
On the appointed day, there came a new helper promised by Mbok Iyem, which is a village girl who had dropped out of school, 18-year-old named Lastri. Sulastri bodied being with clean skin and long hair, who shyly introduced himself to us, after receiving instructions from my wife, Lastri began preparing for work.
Entering Monday, by chance I get time off work for three days, which I can use to relax at home. After my wife left for work, so I relaxed at home while reading the newspaper and listen to the radio, Lastri was busy cleaning the house after washing clothes.
I was engrossed in reading, suddenly startled by the greeting, "Excuse me sir .., I want to mop the floor".
"Oh yes, mops wrote .." I said as I kept reading, but my maid noticed this more thoroughly. Lastri mopping the floor, squatting and occasionally waved his hand as he continued to crawl. As he crawled, her hips look great with a forming round ass swaying from left to right with a regular rhythm, pictured wearing underwear that is very obvious from behind the robe he wore. As he turned to mop under my feet, visible from parts of the hill dasternya two ripe fruit, wrapped in a tight bra, which apparently are a little too small. I went unnoticed stem groin rub, which suddenly became tense. My concentration to read a disappear.
After completing his work, Lastri getting ready to clean herself and took the towel and go to the bathroom, so the sound of water that washed in the bathroom, I quickly jumped up and walked quickly toward the bathroom. From the sidelines of the bathroom door there are gaps that can be used to peek inside. It turned out that scene in the bathroom so much fun, Sulastri it has a clean smooth body with a second hard ripe breasts with nipples that point to the light brown, large hips are very sexy with fine hairs above his cock. Lastri busy rubbing his eyes involuntarily there who was enjoying his ripe. With my continued pounding the occasional peek Lastri down to rub her feet are covered with fine hairs. My passions rise to the head, I started stroking the shaft until the strained groin. "Aah, delicious if you can embrace and stick my dick in her vagina".
Were having a peek, I remembered that in my closet still have a bottle of stimulant drug store branded 'Spanish fly' by-the friends from abroad. I hurried into the room to take the drug and bring it to the kitchen, and sure enough it was my guess that Lastri prepare tea for himself there. I immediately pour it into the spanish fly drink Sulastri and I would add a little sugar so that he would not notice.
I am back in the front seat and pretended to read while imagining Lastri smooth body stroking my dick is already strained, I am really very eager to fuck Lastri. About half an hour later, I heard soft moans coming from the room Sulastri, "Heehh .., heehh".
I immediately went to his room and pretend to be asked, "Lastri .., what's wrong with you ..".
Lastri replied with a sigh, "Aduuh sir .., .. My stomach, hheehh".
"Why ..?", He asked me immediately went into his room, looked pale and Lastri forehead sweating, being all fours, holding his stomach.
"Aduuh .., aduuh .., .. my stomach, sir".
"Let I please ..", I said, standing behind her and holding her stomach and bow with both hands to lift it up. When standing, hugging him from behind, my cock was already straining from sticking to her butt crack, Lastri somewhat surprised, but he was silent as he continued to sigh.
"Let me rub your tummy .., let me warmly," I said as I kept moving my right hand rubbing her belly while lifting my left hand from under the dressing gown. I put my left hand into a robe and pretend it will rub his stomach as well but I immediately lowered my hand to her panties aside and began to feel the fine hairs are scattered around the vagina. When my hand touched her vagina, Lastri menggelinjang loud and long sigh, "aah .., Paak ..", while emphasizing that plump ass to the cock that was waiting impatiently. My right hand started to get into the sidelines of the buttons negligee, up keep it up and found a ripe breasts, which were not covered by a bra, I immediately squeezed her breasts.
"Las, .., come on I'm rubbing while sleeping", I said.
"Hee .. Eeh ", he said.
My mentor Lastri to bed and lay with her legs still dangling on the floor. I quickly pushed dasternya and immediately pulled down to her panties off. "Aduuh .., Paak", he said, moving her hips.
"Shh ..", I said bowing his head and kissed her pussy is right in front of my eyes.
"Aarkkh ..", exclaimed as she opened her legs Lastri wider again and then quickly closed it again so that my head was sandwiched between the two sides are smooth thighs. I started licking her pussy, my tongue began to spread to the right and left both her pussy lips parted Lastri until I finally found her clitoris. Both are heavily tangankupun began squeezing her breasts while the guerrillas occasionally play with her nipples immediately harden.
"Paak ..", Lastri easement as he began to wiggle her hips to the left and right like a very straight face, and suddenly the fluid emanating from her vagina, which I promptly licked up.
"Las .., open the first yaa shirt," I said standing up and quickly began to open my shirt and pants. While I was standing naked, my dick is really tense and hard. Lastri eyes staring at my cock is huge and stands.
"Paak .., Lastri fear", he said.
"Shh .., Las okay ..", I said help Lastri take her clothes off.
Because his legs are still dangling on the edge of the bed, I immediately took a pillow and propping her butt so now Lastri vagina clitoris swell with the shiny because my tongue licks. I immediately directed my cock into her pussy hole and tried to suppress it in, while my hands squeezing her breasts while my mouth began to bite his lip. Apparently Lastri narrow the vaginal opening, so that new incoming head of my cock, she was screaming in pain and tried stretching a small body. I hold geliatan weight and keep trying to put all of my cock into her pussy is tight by pulling out of the head of my cock. Even Lastri soaked vagina discharge from her body, I still also have difficulties to penetrate the defenses of this Lastri vagina. As he hugged her, my mouth towards the ear bergesar Lastri, and suddenly I bit his ear lobe with a somewhat harsh. Reflexively, Lastri was shocked, "Oh ..", but at the same time I press my cock hard into her vagina. Lastri shocked and silent, but I come back and bite her lips to suck his tongue as he started to raise my ass a little bit, then push down to the end. Oh the joy is not absurdly tall, vagina Lastri really narrow like a smooth jaws that clamp tight and throbbing constantly. After a few times up and down, pull a bit, press it again .., Lastripun start enjoying this sex game, as he was moaning, she also began to wiggle her hips. Both sides also kakinyapun dancing, occasionally pinching my leg, sometimes he pinched my waist.
"Aarkhh .., .. ppaak, enaak", said Lastri, while continuing her hips, so my cock inside her pussy feels like squeezing hard. Finally, I also gained not take it anymore, when his body into convulsions because she came to the climax, so I speed up the movement up and down until the liquid was sprayed cum-Lastri nyembur into the vagina. Akh, we both really exhausted after arriving at the peak of pleasure. Apparently after I know if it's new Lastri still a virgin and had never been touched by another man.
During his three days off, I still feel at home. And if my wife had already left for work, then Lastri and I started practicing various styles of intercourse. Lastri was a very clever pupils to be taught and always eager to repeat and repeat again. This went on for six months, sometimes late at night, sometimes morning if I wanted to enjoy her again, I permit from the office, until finally Lastri summoned home by his family to be married in the village.

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