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Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Habits of Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a historic event for women. So when it comes pregnancy, women did not hesitate to celebrate. Pain, nausea, tension, or whatever, is received with gratitude. Not infrequently, this experience creates a unique new habits. Some of them may happen to you.Ultrasound image display or a "positive" in the test pack as a profile picHow proud a woman as she realized she was pregnant. So when the pregnancy has been waiting for arrived, you've started documenting the history of your life is. Photo pack test that shows the two lines were displayed on Facebook or Twitter. A few weeks later, when the fetus is starting to look in shape, turn the ultrasound pictures on display.Mimics the action of Demi Moore in Vanity FairDemi Moore has appeared nude in seven months pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Since then, many other actresses who imitate the action, including Monica Bellucci and Britney Spears. The women are now realizing that it makes women feel very sexy (though not necessarily the person who saw it felt that way), and hence they also wanted to document her pregnancy is in the form of photographs.Announce the birth process via social networkingWomen who are facing a labor certainly feeling the pain. But amid the pain and panic, Kimora Lee Simmons-sempatnya could send a tweet about the moments of the birth of his third son, the end of May 2009. At 1:00 in the morning, came her first tweet: "It's time! No turning back! At hospital in labor right now! "Two hours later, 34 years old female who is also CEO of Baby Phat this update again:" Having contractions now! Ooo-wee! It's like whoa! "Could it be that this would do to forget the pain?Put pictures of the baby in the social networkingFirst, to announce the birth of a child on your friends or family, people used to use SMS. With the Facebook or Twitter, relatives and family can not only know the name, height and weight, but also in appearance. You can reach more people in a much more practical.Child's name with a "baby"The term child no longer just his own name, but added the word "baby". For example, uploading images by adding text, "And Baby Rei accompany sleep ..." The term "mas" was now not only applies to a husband or older male friends, but also for the little guy. Then came a sentence like, "Mas maemnya Ali was very clever ...." So cute!
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