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Friday, April 13, 2012

Office of cocktail dresses and clothing for you

Alleira Batik collection of batik design featuring modern concept with the theme "An Illumination in Twilight" in the atrium Senayan City, Jakarta, Saturday (16/42011) then. This fashion show is one of a series of annual fashion event in this shopping center, the Fashion Nation. Brand Alleira was first to go public in the Fashion Nation, held four years ago.
Alleira who always tried to be a trendsetter batik designs with a variety of innovations, this time featuring the concept design of the lift side of the leaf. This is one element of the art of batik which use gold colors, combined with bright colors and beautiful patterns in modern packaging.
This collection uses a wide selection of materials, from cotton, satin, chiffon, silk habutay, and ATBM (not engine loom) in the design ready to wear and cocktail wear a feminine, elegant and luxurious. The design appears in the form of loose-cut blouse elegant, cocktail dress with a simple cut-modern conventional batik techniques, and dress with shawl accent at the neck of chic.
In this event too, displayed a collection of Alleira Kids on the theme "I'm Vivacious" that emits a cheerful impression. Accents of bright colors that contrast harmoniously collaborate so that the child displays bersiluet fashion design is simple but with a sweet and stylish detail. Interestingly, the motif of this collection was formed from a type of rubber elastic material so as to make an attractive display on the texture of cotton used.
In this fifth event Fashion Nation, Alleira also introduced its new line, May & June, which brought the concept of ready to wear fashion designs are fashionable, contemporary, elegant, and innovative. May & June collections will be divided into two collections, the Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter, which is presented through four segments: Basic Collection, Carrer / Work Wear Collection, Smart Casual Collection, and Leisure / Casual Wear Collection.

Collection with the theme Confident Stance, presented through the silhouette, detail, and the fabric material system that implement print / print on chiffon, silk, and cotton. Clothing with a feminine silhouette reflection in touch beautiful aura of 70s-era homage to collaborate with gypsy style clothing. These ready-made clothing collection includes mini dress cut A-line, halter neck jumpsuit, wide pipe pants, high waisted pants, shorts, sleeveless tops stacks, and long-sleeved jumpsuit. Collection with bright colors combined with a pattern of lines and abstract reflection of the summer.
May & June attendance is expected to meet the needs of modern women are well-established, independent, classy, ​​and dynamic.
For connoisseurs of fashion, must have been familiar with the name Allure Batik. Allure Batik is one brand that carries the unique batik and patterned embossing offer. Now, after five years of opening its first outlet, Allure Batik is determined to advance to the international fashion scene by first changing its name to Alleira Batik.
Just as the word "Allure", the word "Alleira" also means compelling, interesting, beautiful, and charming. This name change has been made since the beginning a few months ago, however, the starting point of the inauguration of this new name was announced some time ago at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Pacific Place, in the presence of media and VIP guests, from some of the ambassador's wife.
Alleira apparently did not want half-measures in an attempt to gain a foothold into the international arena. In an event held at the grand enough, Alleira also introduced several new designs that are more easily accepted in international circles. For example, from the use of specific materials, such as chiffon, woven, super silk, and habutai. Three sequences displayed on the show with the theme "Euphony Rhapsody" that night, the first, Weaving on Batik, woven motif used on some pieces, the second sequence New Layout, design motifs and a more modern and western style, and the third, Evening Gown, design the motif.
Not only that, even Alleira 4 designers invite neighboring countries to go try mengulik batik design that could be their tooling Utik suit their style. Some designers include: Monica Lim from Australia who named the Kabo collection with Melbourne May Burn, and Zhuang Weiping of China with a collection which he named Mystique Love in Jakarta, then Fen Ou, from Singapore who took the theme of butterflies, Love in Bloom. Korean designers as well, Changsook Choi, who use a lot jackets and blazers, as well as inspiration han bok.
Anita explained the U.S., Production Director Alleira Batik, the search process is the fourth designer to see their designs in department stores-department stores in their country, then look for the designer to then invited to collaborate. This is one attempt to introduce batik to other countries. At a press conference, Monica Lim Kabo, said, "I wish I could see how batik can be brought into the international world, because of the unique batik fabric. I am optimistic that batik can be developed. Required batik socialization and education in order to be accepted in the western world. We must continue to socialize batik and how to make, because that's what makes it unique. philosophy behind the batik is a very attractive to the market in Australia and other countries. "

(Ancilla Evayana)

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