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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Plump aunt Ita thirst sexs

Otong my name (not his real name), I worked at a company well known in West Java, in a cool city, and I live (boarding) in the village near the office. In the area is famous for beautiful girls & sweet. Me and my friends boarding every home office has always found time to tease the girls who often pass before boarding.
Next kostku but there is a small shop, complete in the sense that for everyday needs, ranging from soap, slippers, sugar, chili, bread, candy, etc. were all there. I've subscribed to the shop next door. Sometimes when I'm not carrying money or less money when shopping I do not hesitate to debt. Ita's mother's shop (but I call her Aunt Ita), a childless divorcee of the new kindergarten this year a small scratch. Aunt Ita stalls open in the morning about five o'clock, keep the lid are also approximately nine hours a night. Ditungguin shop by Ita own aunt and nephew of high school, named Krisna.
As usual, after work I take a shower, wear gloves continue to have stand-by in front of the TV, while chatting with friends boarding. I take a glass of warm coffee, plus fried cassava, but it feels like something is missing .. what ya ..?, Oh yes cigarettes, but after I saw the clock was showing at 9 approximately 10 minutes (night), I was wondering, what Aunt Ita shop is still open ya ..?, Ah .. I just try it again and again it is still open. Oh, Aunt Ita was not yet closed shop, but really quiet .., "Which one is selling", I thought.
".. Auntie, Auntie .., .. Krisna Dik, Dik Krishna", you know why the empty, deserted shops like this left, forgetting to close the stall time.
Ah I tried to call once again, "Excuse me .., Aunt Ita".
"Oh yes .., tungguu", A voice from within. Wah so deh finally buy cigarettes.
Aunt Ita turns out, just use a towel wrapped around his chest, the way in a hurry to shop with rubbed-ngucek new hair looks washed out of the shower is also depleted.
".. Oh, sorry Auntie, I want to interrupt nich .., I bought cigarettes mo inter salt warehouse, you know where Krishna Brother?
"O.., Krishna was brought grandfather .. ama, ama grandson .. he missed, sorry ya Auntie Mas Otong pake 'dress like this .. The new shower sich ".
"It's okay Aunt, my eyes saw a glimpse of another entity that is not wrapped in a towel .., smooth white, as are the girls, only this time I saw Aunt Ita most of the body, usually because Aunt Ita always wear kebaya. And again I realize that with only a towel wrapped around his upper chest Aunt Ita means not wearing a bra. My dirty mind began to recurrence.
Really has not been closed tonight Tante gini ..?
"Yes Mas Otong, Tante also about to close, but the pake mo 'clothes first?
"Oh I'll help ya aunt, aunt while dressed", I said. I go into a stall and closed up shop with the circuit boards.
"My aunt said ngerepoti Mas Otong Ita .., here let me help Tante come too". Shops are closed, now I just go through the back.
"Mas Otong Trimakasih know ..".
"You're welcome .." I said.
"My aunt passed behind it".
When me and Aunt Ita passed on the road between the racks of merchandise, my body slammed into aunt, without thought to the end of the towel covering her chest dilepit towel off, and Aunt Ita seen wearing only pink panties only. Ita aunt hugged me scream while the reflexes.
"Mas Otong .., please take a towel wrap for body fall continued Tante", said the aunt with a red face. I squat down to take a towel aunt who, when my hand got a towel, in front of me right now there is a very beautiful, pink panties, with a black background fine hairs around her vagina that smells fragrant. Then I quickly wrapped up her aunt's body with a towel that fell. But when I want to wrap a towel without realizing bird that has been touched up since auntie.
"Mas Otong .., birds wake ya ..?".
"Yes Auntie .., ah .. I'm so embarrassed, I look out where the smell Tante like this any more, so desire .. My Aunt".
"Ah that's what it's really fair Otong Mas ..".
"Eh anyway Mas Otong when mo married ..".
"Ah do not think Aunt ..".
"Well .., if mo 'marriage must be prepared physically and spiritually .. you know, do not be rich' ex-husband's aunt .., is not accountable to the family .., well now the result should bersetatus widowed aunt. Gini did not thing about being a widow, embarrassed .., but there are more torture Otong Mas .. inner needs .. ".
"Oh yes .. Auntie, Auntie continued to meet the needs of how to do it .." I asked nosy.
"Well .., Tante-resistant stand alone ..".
Sorry .., I thought .. suppose .. suppose .. I'll be allowed to meet the needs of inner Aunt Ita .., .. ough, plus nosy mind.
That time has changed the shape sarong, slightly puffed, apparently also concerned aunt.
"Mas Otong birds still wake ya ..".
I just megangguk course, continue to be very surprise, Aunt Ita suddenly felt bird.
"Wow great bird also, Otong Mas .., bird nest belom have never met ..".
"Not yet ..!", I said lie down while continuing to be touched up, I began to feel the pleasure that has not been felt.
"Mas .., be dong only Tante ngeliatin bentarr bird ..?", I have not had time to answer, Aunt Ita sarong is attractive, practical living plus underwear T-shirts left.
"Oh .., until 'exit Mas gini ..".
"Yes emang that bird again like passing up long underwear, I do not know exactly how long the bird ..?", I said as I continued to enjoy hand whisk Aunt Ita.
"Well .., Tante sure, that'll be a wife Mas Otong would definitely get a rich husband seneng Otong Mas ..", said the aunt while continuing to whisk bird. Oughh .., delicious whipped his aunt with a small soft white. I kept sighing involuntarily favors, no I know, Aunt Ita was released again last kulilitkan towel, I knew it was scrubbed because of bird-rubbing between her breasts are not too big.
"Ough .., .. aunt, Tante favors .., .. ough", I sighed, leaning against the wall holding the merchandise shelves, this time aunt put to his lips a little bird, with his out-put buasnya bird in his mouth at all times suck .., .. ough, such as flying it. Sometimes she also suck out the two fruits that .., .. ough, sesshh.
I was shocked, aunt suddenly stopped its activities, he cling to bird while walking to the table a little merchandise to a corner, while Aunt Ita nungging up on the table turned to me, a piece of ass displayed clearly in front of me now.
"Mas Otong .., Act as you please .., cepet Mas .., cepet ..".
Without further ado I pulled her panties knee .., Woow .., this beautiful scenery, vagina with soft fur that is not too much. I so do not believe that Aunt Ita had kids, I just mejilat pussy, sweet, salty, and there is so much mucus out of her vagina. I was ravenously hungry vagina tante, I played my tongue on her clitoris, occasionally I put my tongue into her pussy hole.
"Mas .. ough, ough ..," sighed aunt holding his own milk.
"Keep Mas .., Maas ..", I'm more enamored, even more so when I put my tongue into her vagina, there is a sense of warmth and throbbing little more and make me crazy.
Then Aunt Ita turned his back on the table with both legs bent upwards.
"Come on Otong Mas .., Auntie can not stand it .., where the bird Mas .. pengin bird to its nest already .., wowww .., .. Otong Mas, Mas Otong birds that wake up looking up to the top of ya .. ". I almost did not hear Aunt Ita's comments about the bird, I saw a sight so challenging, with a little pussy hair soft, fragrant liquid wetted salt looks so shiny, I simply plug the bird dibibir vagina.
"Aughh ..", cried the aunt.
"Why Auntie ..?" I asked in surprise.
"Udahlah Mas .., .. go on, go on ..", I enter the bird's head in her vagina, very narrow.
".. Auntie, Auntie narrow.?".
"It's okay Mas .., keep it .., because it has long sich .. Tante not ginian, ntar also delicious ..".
Well .., I force it bit by bit .., only half of the bird disappear .., Aunt Ita stew was thrashing around all over the place.
"Augh .., Mas .., .. ouh, Mas .., favors Mas .., continue Mas .., oughh ..".
So did I. .., although bird into her vagina about half, but the straw oughh amazing .., delicious. The longer the faster movements. This time the bird had eaten pussy Aunt Ita vanish. Sweat began running down my body and the bodies Aunt Ita. Aunt suddenly sat up as she hugged me, mencakarku.
"Oughh Mas .., ough .., .. amazing, .. oughh, Mas Otong ..", he said with a brake-literate.
"I think this is called an orgasm .., .. ough", bird remains in the vagina Aunt Ita.
"Mas Otong already come out ya ..". I shook my head. Then Aunt Ita his back again, I like crazy badaku moving back and forth, I glance at the overhanging milk because my movement, I looked down and kiss her nipples are reddish brown. Aunt Ita increasingly sighed, "ough .., Mas .." Aunt Ita suddenly hugged me a little bit scratched my back.
"Oughh Mas .., I went out again ..", then I feel more feminine than slick and getting bigger, but beating the more so, I made it fly. Ach I thought I was going out, while continuing to shake I asked Aunt Ita.
"Tante .., I keluarin where Tante ..?, Inside should not ..".
"Terrsseerraah .." sighed Aunt Ita. Ough .., I quickened my movements, loud throbbing bird, there is something that will be spewed out by the bird. Eventually all feels light, my body seemed to fly, there is an extraordinary pleasure. Finally, I spit my sperm in the vagina Aunt Ita, I still seem to move my body this time Aunt Ita orgasm again, she was biting my chest.
"Mas Otong .., .. Otong Mas, Mas You're great".
I wear panties back and sarong. Aunt Ita still naked on her back on the table.
"Mas Otong .., if you want to buy cigarettes anymore .. well, the hours I tell you what .. yes, well that was just banging on the lid .., .. it's okay, even if not banging on Aunt so angry .." , said the aunt teases her nipples and clitoris plays that are still visible swelling.
"Aunt wants Mas Otong often bantuin Tante closed shop", said the aunt, smiling coquettishly. Then I go home .., New sakali my body felt weak, but that does not mean at all that new pleasure than I got. The next day when I was about to leave for work, while in front of the shop Aunt Ita, I'm on call auntie.
"His cigarette had gone .. yes, yes ntar malem buy again ..?", He said, full of hope, but buyers are high, but they do not know what was meant by the words of Aunt Ita said, I will go to the office with a million memories of last night's events .

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