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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jessie says, "When I was hungry

Pop diva Jessie J, who is now 24 years old, admitted that he sometimes would be a 'monster' and need people around to tell him and said, "Hey you can shut up anyway."

When it comes to the show the BBC show The Voice, Jessie says, "When I was hungry, you will not want to deal with me."

"People think and I am sure, those who have met me would say I am a terrible person, because I, you, we've had a bad day. And it happened when I was tired and hungry. "

"When I wake up, and you do not know which country you live in a moment, while people around say that you are a very unusual and outside."

"I need someone who says: You have to be a very stupid every day, do not say anything much at ease," he said term.

Being a world-class singer was not to make life beautiful and happy, indeed outside they look with a charming smile, but behind it there is sadness that hit. think twice to become a world-class singer, but if a singer in the shower aja free-free, free to express yourself.

What ... Jessie J Lesbians?

As quoted by The Sun, there is a biography which claims that Jessie J was bisexual, and he hid the truth about her sexuality to maintain male fan.

Chloe Govan is also an author states that, "Jessie might have had a male lover, but he admitted that he was 100% lesbian. Jessie has publicly stated that she is lesbian and she did not want to hide it, "as written Govan.

But the singer was only 24 and strongly denied that he was a bisexual woman who had suffered from fatigue announced that it (bisexual) occurred in the past year.

Last year? Sempet mean then?

source: biography, Bisexual

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