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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Postnatal Breastfeeding Caesar

Many mothers ask, can I breastfeed after a cesarean birth? The answer is YES! There is no reason to delay the benefits of breastfeeding to the baby even if you have just undergone a Caesarean. After delivery, immediately remind the doctor or midwife, that you want to breastfeed your baby as soon as possible.
Even if the situation allows, the doctor usually will immediately put the baby in the mother's chest (skin to skin) while still on the operating table. This is of course taking into account the first condition of health of mothers and babies
Breastfeeding will be a precious moment and form an emotional bond between mother and infant. Any form of anesthesia (anesthesia) you can, it can not impede the process of breastfeeding.
Some assumption there is a saying that the fluid milk come more slowly after a cesarean section. In fact, some studies have shown, some babies born by Caesarean section takes longer to get the ideal body weight than other babies. But this condition will not last long and will improve after a few days.
Positioning of the baby at the breast is very important to help the nursing process and prevent nipple soreness. Make sure the baby close to your body (chest to chest, chin near the breast and nose away from the breast).
To protect the incision you can use a pillow as a base. Put the baby on or under your armpits.
Having a caesarean section is important for infants to receive colostrum and start learning to breastfeed. Give milk at night will help to prevent breast engorgement and maintain your milk supply.
When waiting
Not every mother can breastfeed immediately after a caesarean. You may take time due to the effects of anesthesia (anesthesia) or your baby may need to put in humidicrib for a while to stabilize the condition.
There is one important thing you can do while waiting for that to express your colostrum. Colostrum is the 'super fluid' which produced a couple of days postpartum mammary glands and contains more protein and substances for the defense. This fluid serves as a natural laxative for meconium - help bowel movements the first time in infants.
Newborns do not need anything other than dietary intake of colostrum. This fluid becomes very important if you or your partner have a family history of allergy or food intolerance.

 Beautiful Lactation

One of the dreams and fears felt by pregnant women and at the end of pregnancy is breast feeding. Not many people know, that actually each set of a woman's body has been prepared for breastfeeding. At the time the baby is still in the womb, the mother's breast is enlarged, indicating the development of channels and the cells that produce milk.
And do you know that breastfeeding mothers can lose weight more quickly after giving birth? Activity that requires patience and continuous practice of this, change the fat into energy for use as an energy source during breastfeeding the baby.
Then, the process of breastfeeding as what is healthy and good? And what are the factors that influence milk production?
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