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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Likes Women More Than Sex Chocolate


Well, chocolate is something far more interesting than sex (women's version). Why?

     Chocolate is not taboo to talk about, especially in Indonesia who talks about sex in some areas are still considered taboo

     Free to talk about brown women everywhere, regardless of the show

     Chocolate can be shared with a friend or friends without guilt, while you certainly do not want to share sex with my best friend?

     Chocolate is always sweet at all times, and in every bite

     No need to use a belt to enjoy the chocolate, I tell you the portion that fit for consumption

     I bet there never will be a massive demonstration staged and claims should not be consumed chocolate

     Anyone can enjoy the chocolate, although he was not old enough

     Chocolate to accompany the happy and sad moment. And you are so happy to be there himself

     Chocolate does not give pain (the first version of the bride)

     Chocolate provide comfort and relieve stress, while the sex sometimes even cause stress

Even so, the married couples admit that sex is sweet like chocolate. And make them always want it. (VEM / bee)

source: Vemale.com -

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