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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Children need a father figure who cared

Children need a father figure who cared and used to express affection, but also be firm.Father figure needed by children at home, especially for boys who need to get a role model. Therefore, Mom and Dad have a duty and responsibility in the care of the same.Generally, children are closer to my mother because this figure is always with him, especially if the father works and mother is a housewife. As a result, children will feel more familiar and make it do what he liked with his mother. Children also sometimes feel more loose his feelings. He can cry, whine, his mother and sometimes ignored or not listened to the recommendation of the mother.In this condition is also needed father figure. Dad of course also have to build closeness and emotional bonding with the child. However, the father figure is generally different in the eyes of a child. More respected by the child's father. Do not be surprised if my father once ruled, the kids tend to stick with it.Presenter and commercials, Donna Agnesia said children need someone who can diseganinya. My three children were more reluctant with his father. "You be the decisive figure in the home, which actually is what children need," said Donna in a talk show on the activities of the Family's Day Out at Mal Ciputra Jakarta some time ago.Although a well-respected firm figure can be obtained from the father, should his father can also keep up with playing the role of a caring father and did not hesitate to express affection. Dr Dewi Ariani Widodo, SpA of Growth Clinic and Hospital Grha Kedoya warned, the firmness of the figure of Father should not be frightening for children."Watch out for this strict attitude is not so frightening. Father also had to show affection to children, not scary but still firm," he explained.Dr. Ariani continued, whenever possible children have no fear of various things. Including the behavior of parents when caring for children. Parenting is wrong, well demonstrated through violent behavior, verbal or physical can lead to fear and trauma in children. Trauma has a major impact on the personality of the child until adulthood.

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