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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Uncover golden history Jawi greatness of the civilization

Babad Tanah Jawi be a major source of inspiration in his work every few years. Uncover golden history, how rich this country would civilization, culture, and a deep philosophy. Jawi greatness of the civilization of land is reflected in the existence of the kingdom, which until now remained graceful wake, keeping the culture, customs and messages of moral conduct and spiritual stored in any work created.Back to the essence of renewal and keeps the spirit reflected in the Era Soekamto this time a collection titled 'Do not min-'. Inspired by the Royal Wedding Sultan Palace which upholds the cultural grip that is loaded with meaning yet simple and modern silhouette. 'Do' meaning vegetables, 'groats' means the rice is the name of the Javanese wedding dress is black velvet with golden decorations that have meaning prosperity comes from a wealth of golden hearts to reach the peak in total devotion to the Almighty.Present in the grip Kebaya New Fleas, kebaya Kartini, Evening Dress Modern kebaya-inspired. Classic colors white, black, gold, blue and red adorn this collection. Handwork is combined with silk taffeta, Duches Satin, Velvet, tulle, silk ATBM, 100% cotton and silk.Iwan Tirta batik with a blend of the high regard in the grip of batik, bring a classic motif, Sawunggaling the peacock as a symbol of valor Chicken (Rooster) and elegance (Peacock), which presents the figure of a rich woman heart, soul, strong and graceful. And motifs depicting berasan prosperity, as well as classical motifs such as Cinde and Iwan Tirta Truntum works for Javanese brides.Mixing with the aroma of Java humming bossa jazz, show begins with a model who appeared in a white sleeveless long kebaya or made transparent, and also present long tube dress ivory, with the arms and neck are made transparent. Also long tube dress with red skirt dalamannya layer coated fabric batik. Gothic colors in black or dark fuchsia present feminine lace in a subtle blend of material.Although present in dark colors, bright colors like red statement is present in the accessory, a red feather fan. Packaged in a simple and modern silhouette, inspired Royal Palace seemed so grand and graceful. All displayed by Era Sukamto this time, the first bridal fashion week, Bazaar Wedding Exhibition 2012, Saturday (7/4) at the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place.

sources: (VEM / bee / ana)

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